Waiting Room…

So, I’m at DIA waiting for my flight home to Provo…This blog is way off the back.

You can read Kelly’s blog for the details, but our trip to CA did not work out as planned! Rory got RSV on Sunday and was hospitalized until a few hours before we flew out on Tuesday…meaning Kelly missed nearly everything with the funeral. She was pretty devastated, but I am in awe of her strength as she kept a brave face through it all.

I, on the other hand, was a complete mess trying to keep tabs on our other 3 kids!

Due to a delayed flight (yes, this is becoming a theme), we got in around 2am. I had to fly out the next morning, but I flew direct from Provo, so that was nice.

Anyhoo, this trip’s been okay… I didn’t get the prep for it that I’d hoped for, given the circumstances above and I don’t have any more truck stop/motel stories as I was lucky enough to spend last night with some family in Colorado Springs… Oh what a difference!  As you might expect after the previous night, I slept like a rock! A very sleepy rock at that.

Alright, our plane just arrived at the gate…hopefully we’ll board soon.


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