Let’s Try That Again.

More of the same. Try, fail, try.

Life, stuff, and the inbetweens have been on the up. And by that, I mean it’s been a good week. Work is going well, no one in the fam is especially sick, and I have even been doing a bit of pedaling. Kelly’s birthday was Sunday. We had cake Friday, Saturday and a super dessert on Sunday as well because we don’t like to confine our birth celebrations to one day.  I took Morgan skiing Sunday as well. Yeah, “we” are not supposed to do such things, but I figure any family type outing is pretty okay in my book. And I can rest some other day. And it’s deader than dead at Sundance on Sunday, so it’s a good day for a little girl to do run after run after run after…

Riding bikes… Yeah, I have a long way to go. What’s nice is that when you let yourself go completely, you see huge gains really quickly when you start over. That’s probably the most positive spin I can put on that. I am also counting on everyone who trained super hard in our mild winter being fried by summer. Realistically, I don’t know how much racing I’ll be able to do. It’ s hard to justify time away from the girls. That said, when I do race I need to crush it to justify that time, so I gotta get fit.

And I need to stay skinny because looking good is half the battle. And by half, I mean ~98%.


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