Mental Health Day

Yeah, I am not so much the photoblogger and this shot does not do it justice, but I spent a lovely afternoon at Sundance.

Can you say free refills? It was dumping all day. You can see how long the lines were too. This was at 12:30-ish.

I am not so much the skier either, but pretty fun times.  They called it 10″ at 6am or whatever, and then it snowed hard all day. I don’t know what the total will be, but supposedly there’s more to come, so don’t count winter out yet.

Realistically, I probably won’t make it up again until taking the girls this weekend, but I am pretty stoked on having such a great day out. It was probably the most snow I’ve ever skied in. I took a couple solid diggers. One time I lost both skis in the pow. I found one in the hole I left when I crashed and used it to dig out the other. Yeah, it was like that.

In case my in-laws happen to read this… I am loving my new helmet! For everyone else’s knowledge, it was a Christmas gift.  I haven’t hit my head (yet), I just love having the warmth.

Anyway, good times!


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