Crazy Times

Yeah, it’s been a good winter and start to spring for those of us in the bike business! I feel for my brethren in the winter sports’  industry, but the roles were reversed last year,  eh?

Anyway, I’ve been going like crazy. This has affected my fitness negatively with massive car miles and relatively few bike miles…going to try to get out today and tip the scales back towards the bike a touch!

Piper woke me up at 5:40 this morning and then went back to sleep. It was nice that she went back to sleep, but I was pretty much up for the day and when the birds started chirping, I went ahead and came down, got some work done and here we are.

Woah, hey, Piper’s up for real now, so I hope to have a more insightful post for you soon.


Utah Style

Although we didn’t have much of a winter, and spring has been pretty ideal thus far, the forecast is typical Utah “sprinter” weather. How often do you see snow overnight with a high of 75 the next day?
Sunday Night
nt_chancesnow Partly cloudy with a chance of snow. Low of 32F. Winds from the NW at 5 to 15 mph. Chance of snow 70% with accumulations up to 1 in. possible.
chancerain Overcast with a chance of rain. High of 75F. Winds from the WNW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 70% with rainfall amounts near 0.2 in. possible.

Anyway, it’s that time of year where being a bike rep keeps you plenty busy. Time to get crackin’.

The Long and Winding Road

Phew, made it home in one piece. One gangly piece. The drive was easy enough again. I hit out super early from Colorado Springs to avoid Denver traffic. Poor suckers who have to do that every day… Ha!

Anyway, as I got up into the mountains I saw some cool stuff. A whole herd of elk right off the side of the road… I thought they dropped their antlers, but one of them had a huge set. A little later I saw a bunch of big horn sheep. Pretty cool.

Outside of trucks, the traffic was either snowboarder/skiers or mountain bikers heading to Fruita or Moab. That time of year where you can go either way, I guess.

About 90 minutes from Grand Junction, I stopped at a rest stop and after speaking to Jared Nelson (I am mentioning people in my blog now, since it worked with Sandy- see below), I noticed one of my tires was bald. I gotta admit I suck at maintenance of anything. So this was not overly surprising, given the miles I am putting in. Anyway, I got nervous and decided to just change it out in GJ.  While there, I went for a quick bike ride as well and then got back on the road.

They were having a race there this weekend, so the friendly dude at Big O showed me the story in the paper.  I like those guys at Big O Tires.

The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful. Lots of cops out working it. I don’t know if they just went out in force because it was so warm and they knew everyone would head for the desert for the weekend or what.

Anyway, I don’t drive that fast, so I don’t worry about that. I should say I am hyper-cognitive of speed. At all times.  I think that’s why long drives aren’t so bad for me… Maybe that doesn’t make sense. I don’t know. Watch now that I’ve said it, I’ll get a ticket.

Anyway, got home and everyone was outside enjoying the beautiful weather. The girls lit up when they saw me (save Rory- she didn’t seem to care much!) and that was super nice to come home too.


I try to update daily when I’m on the road. Kelly appreciates it, if no one else.

Not a ton to report from yesterday though. I am making connections in Colorado, but it’s a bit tougher than Utah where I knew most of the shop owners when I started as a rep. I got out for a nice ride yesterday afternoon. No, this is not a vacation, but if you’re a rep and you don’t ride, I figure you’re doing it wrong. Anyway, for those familiar with the area, I went up Lookout Mtn, straight out of beautiful Golden. It was pretty sweet. Met a dude and he showed me around a little. Tons of riders out.

Cruising around Colorado Springs today before a dealer event tonight. It’s going to run until 9:00 or so, and then I’m going to try to hit out super early. My plan is to try to break up the drive with a quick ride in Grand Junction. It’s supposed to be upper 70’s there tomorrow, so that sounds about right! Of course, that’s contingent on me getting going really early. Gotta get home and see my girls!

Long Drive…

When I left this morning, I did not have a place to stay my first night in CO… Thanks to the power of facebook (and Sandy Perrins, I’d link him if he had a blog, like in 2005), I am not staying in a crappy motel (eg- Subpar 8/Motel Sux), but in a nice home. I much prefer it this way. Plus, you get to know some new people, which is always nice. Anyway, Facebook is pretty sweet in that way. They can steal my privacy as much as necessary as long as I get something out of the deal.

Oh yeah, so it was a long drive. Somehow I didn’t get on the road until 10:00, so that didn’t help. Plus, I stopped at a few shops, which, you know, is the job and all. Somehow I had it in my head it wouldn’t take that long, but, umm, it did. Great day for a drive though. Sunny and no wind- 28 mpg with a bike on top.

The thing that struck me is how little snow there was in Colorado. I thought Utah was having a bad year. You pass about a 100 resorts on the 70 and I don’t know how some of them are open. It was kinda weird. Like what I would expect May to look like.

Anyway, in case I don’t get around to posting again. Visiting shops all day tomorrow, then driving down to Colorado Springs where I will stay the next couple nights, more shops on Thursday, then a “customer appreciation night” on Thursday, getting up early on Friday and trying to make the drive feel shorter.

A Realization…

It’s a lot easier to keep up with weblogging when you have a desk job. In other words, it’s pretty easy to slap some words down when you are tied to a desk all day. When you have free reign and you don’t have to be on a computer, it’s pretty easy to go find some other way to fill your time. Yeah, it seems pretty basic. And it’s not such a good excuse since I still waste time on MyFace daily.

Anyway, like most weeks, this one was crazy. I spent Monday and Tuesday traveling around with one of my managers, which is always interesting. This one was a big Del Taco fan, so you know we got along splendidly. We didn’t actually eat there, but we did have mex both days.

I was due to go to Boise on Thursday, but Kelly had a CT scan on Tuesday and I wanted to be around when she got the results, so that trip got canned. With any luck, it’s just an infection and the antibiotics she’s on will kill it off.

Probably it was a good choice (yes, that’s American English) to stick around anyway as I had plenty to do locally and I’ll be in CO most of next week.

We are having the mildest spring (can I say that yet?) after the mildest winter since we’ve lived here, but it is due to rain this weekend. Frankly, I’d prefer snow to rain, but they’re both necessary and good, right?

Anyhoo, over and out.

Oh, deer.

So, this is the expanded version of my two facebook posts from today.

I’ve been riding bikes a fair amount again. It’s going to take some time to get back rolling, but I can feel the magic happening. One of the advantages to being, ahem, “experienced” is that the fitness does come back quickly. And I did the math the other day… this is my 15th season as a Cat. 1, or better.


What, there’s no hashtags in weblogging all of a sudden?

Oh geez, where was I? Right, riding. I got out for a couple hours today. It was lovely. Then, about a half mile from home, as I am screaming down a little descent in the ‘hood, just as I come around a switchback, a group of deer is right in the middle of the road. This is a pretty highly traveled road and the high school literally a block away had just gotten out, so there were cars and pedestrians all over the place. So I was not expecting deer. Anyway, one of them gets that look. You know, the proverbial deer in headlights. Except, there were no headlights.  We locked eyes. I can see the panic. Deer starts running straight into my path and I have to swerve into the wrong lane and pull a foot out of the pedal and almost lock it up and/or tag the curb. The deer runs behind me and we both continue on our merry way. A lot closer than it needed to be. Maybe it was a reminder to me that it’s a 25mph zone. Hint, I was going considerably faster than that. Yowza.

Anyway…I am aware I write (and by that I mean type) “anyway” frequently. ANYWAY, I got home and Kelly’s new bike had arrived. We’d talked about it, but she didn’t know I had ordered it. To the point that she assumed it was “just another sample” for me. How many bikes does she think I need?

Hint, the answer is always what you have +1.

So, this pic sucks as I just pulled it out of the box and swapped wheels, but you get an idea. It’s hot. So’s Kelly, so there you have it:

So I Did It…

I took both girls skiing today. I was nervous, but it ended up just fine. Mostly.

They both did great. Haley is so independent that she just skied by herself all day and then would wait for us at the bottom and ride the lift with us. She did not care at all about where I was.

This worked out fine…until the last run of the day. Morgan and I got down before her, but we knew that would be the case as the run Haley started on has a flat start and we could ski straight away. After a couple minutes, I began to panic though. Several more minutes passed. “Maybe she lost a ski and is just having a hard time getting it back on”…More time passes. Then I heard the ski patrol snowmobile starting. Not good. I waved the guy down,

“Are you off to get someone?” Kind of a dumb question in retrospect.

“Yeah, Haley?” he answered.

“Is she okay?” I’m sure he could see my panic

“Yeah, she’s fine, just got into some trees and got nervous”.

In about five minutes, they came zooming back down the hill. Haley was a little shook up, so I suggested we all ski one more “last run” together, and I think when she saw I wasn’t mad, she pulled it together. From that point on, all she could talk about was how cool the snowmobile ride was.

And of course, she did not wait for us on the final run, either.

On another note, we all ended up with a really bad sunburn. It was super warm and sunny today and I just didn’t plan well. The girls wore hats, so at least it’s just their faces. I, on the other hand, have full on raccoon face from my sunglasses. And a super sweet redneck.

With a family history of skin cancer though, I gotta be more careful.

My little rippers… you can tell they were looking into the sun, eh?


If this one makes no sense, see post below.

We didn’t end up skiing. The girls were a little much by the end of the day, so I (and by that I mean Kelly) decided we should go in the morning. Good nights’ rest and all that. It’ll be quieter too, which will be better for me. Not having taken both girls at once, I’m not sure what I’m getting myself into.

I do know that we’ll need a break for suckers, though. That is pretty much mandatory for any visit to Sundance with my girls.

Anyway, we went sledding in the afternoon instead. Most of the snow had melted, but that did not stop my girls from having a blast.

Otherwise, yeah, pretty much nailed it. Honestly, I had a rough morning with the girls… Parenting is tough!

Today Could Be Interesting…

On the agenda:

This morning, I’ll take the girls (H and M) to a church playgroup while Kelly does another skate ski lesson.

If I haven’t mentioned it, Sundance has a great “ladies only” program where you get rentals, a day pass, and a 90 minute lesson for $30. This is round 2 for Kelly. Pretty sweet.

Anyway, the church thing is only an hour, but that’s an hour where I only have two kids…so in theory, it should make my life easier.

Maybe I’ll then take the kids to the park to fill the time until lunch.

When Kelly gets back, I am (hopefully) going to go for a ride with Tyson Apostol. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but he’s one of my favorite guys to ride with. Time just flies. He’s had a pretty interesting life (went to BYU on a swimming scholarship, dropped out after serving a mission, raced his bike in Europe for like 6 years and has since been on Survivor, twice), so he’s always got good stories. Plus, he is like the opposite of me when it comes to responsibilites and such.

After some pedaling, I am (theoretically) going to take Haley and Morgs night skiing…On our weekly program, it is Haley’s turn, but Morg’s BFF and her dad are going tonight, so it just makes sense for her to go. So yeah, they can both pretty much get down the green runs on their own now, but I’m sure it will be an adventure. Just getting on and off the lift should be exciting.

After that, I’ll probably be pretty much shot for the day. Haley and Morgan better be!

Maybe I’ll do a follow-up post tonight to compare my expectations for the day to what actually transpired.