Today Could Be Interesting…

On the agenda:

This morning, I’ll take the girls (H and M) to a church playgroup while Kelly does another skate ski lesson.

If I haven’t mentioned it, Sundance has a great “ladies only” program where you get rentals, a day pass, and a 90 minute lesson for $30. This is round 2 for Kelly. Pretty sweet.

Anyway, the church thing is only an hour, but that’s an hour where I only have two kids…so in theory, it should make my life easier.

Maybe I’ll then take the kids to the park to fill the time until lunch.

When Kelly gets back, I am (hopefully) going to go for a ride with Tyson Apostol. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but he’s one of my favorite guys to ride with. Time just flies. He’s had a pretty interesting life (went to BYU on a swimming scholarship, dropped out after serving a mission, raced his bike in Europe for like 6 years and has since been on Survivor, twice), so he’s always got good stories. Plus, he is like the opposite of me when it comes to responsibilites and such.

After some pedaling, I am (theoretically) going to take Haley and Morgs night skiing…On our weekly program, it is Haley’s turn, but Morg’s BFF and her dad are going tonight, so it just makes sense for her to go. So yeah, they can both pretty much get down the green runs on their own now, but I’m sure it will be an adventure. Just getting on and off the lift should be exciting.

After that, I’ll probably be pretty much shot for the day. Haley and Morgan better be!

Maybe I’ll do a follow-up post tonight to compare my expectations for the day to what actually transpired.


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