So I Did It…

I took both girls skiing today. I was nervous, but it ended up just fine. Mostly.

They both did great. Haley is so independent that she just skied by herself all day and then would wait for us at the bottom and ride the lift with us. She did not care at all about where I was.

This worked out fine…until the last run of the day. Morgan and I got down before her, but we knew that would be the case as the run Haley started on has a flat start and we could ski straight away. After a couple minutes, I began to panic though. Several more minutes passed. “Maybe she lost a ski and is just having a hard time getting it back on”…More time passes. Then I heard the ski patrol snowmobile starting. Not good. I waved the guy down,

“Are you off to get someone?” Kind of a dumb question in retrospect.

“Yeah, Haley?” he answered.

“Is she okay?” I’m sure he could see my panic

“Yeah, she’s fine, just got into some trees and got nervous”.

In about five minutes, they came zooming back down the hill. Haley was a little shook up, so I suggested we all ski one more “last run” together, and I think when she saw I wasn’t mad, she pulled it together. From that point on, all she could talk about was how cool the snowmobile ride was.

And of course, she did not wait for us on the final run, either.

On another note, we all ended up with a really bad sunburn. It was super warm and sunny today and I just didn’t plan well. The girls wore hats, so at least it’s just their faces. I, on the other hand, have full on raccoon face from my sunglasses. And a super sweet redneck.

With a family history of skin cancer though, I gotta be more careful.

My little rippers… you can tell they were looking into the sun, eh?


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