Oh, deer.

So, this is the expanded version of my two facebook posts from today.

I’ve been riding bikes a fair amount again. It’s going to take some time to get back rolling, but I can feel the magic happening. One of the advantages to being, ahem, “experienced” is that the fitness does come back quickly. And I did the math the other day… this is my 15th season as a Cat. 1, or better.


What, there’s no hashtags in weblogging all of a sudden?

Oh geez, where was I? Right, riding. I got out for a couple hours today. It was lovely. Then, about a half mile from home, as I am screaming down a little descent in the ‘hood, just as I come around a switchback, a group of deer is right in the middle of the road. This is a pretty highly traveled road and the high school literally a block away had just gotten out, so there were cars and pedestrians all over the place. So I was not expecting deer. Anyway, one of them gets that look. You know, the proverbial deer in headlights. Except, there were no headlights.  We locked eyes. I can see the panic. Deer starts running straight into my path and I have to swerve into the wrong lane and pull a foot out of the pedal and almost lock it up and/or tag the curb. The deer runs behind me and we both continue on our merry way. A lot closer than it needed to be. Maybe it was a reminder to me that it’s a 25mph zone. Hint, I was going considerably faster than that. Yowza.

Anyway…I am aware I write (and by that I mean type) “anyway” frequently. ANYWAY, I got home and Kelly’s new bike had arrived. We’d talked about it, but she didn’t know I had ordered it. To the point that she assumed it was “just another sample” for me. How many bikes does she think I need?

Hint, the answer is always what you have +1.

So, this pic sucks as I just pulled it out of the box and swapped wheels, but you get an idea. It’s hot. So’s Kelly, so there you have it:


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