A Realization…

It’s a lot easier to keep up with weblogging when you have a desk job. In other words, it’s pretty easy to slap some words down when you are tied to a desk all day. When you have free reign and you don’t have to be on a computer, it’s pretty easy to go find some other way to fill your time. Yeah, it seems pretty basic. And it’s not such a good excuse since I still waste time on MyFace daily.

Anyway, like most weeks, this one was crazy. I spent Monday and Tuesday traveling around with one of my managers, which is always interesting. This one was a big Del Taco fan, so you know we got along splendidly. We didn’t actually eat there, but we did have mex both days.

I was due to go to Boise on Thursday, but Kelly had a CT scan on Tuesday and I wanted to be around when she got the results, so that trip got canned. With any luck, it’s just an infection and the antibiotics she’s on will kill it off.

Probably it was a good choice (yes, that’s American English) to stick around anyway as I had plenty to do locally and I’ll be in CO most of next week.

We are having the mildest spring (can I say that yet?) after the mildest winter since we’ve lived here, but it is due to rain this weekend. Frankly, I’d prefer snow to rain, but they’re both necessary and good, right?

Anyhoo, over and out.


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