Long Drive…

When I left this morning, I did not have a place to stay my first night in CO… Thanks to the power of facebook (and Sandy Perrins, I’d link him if he had a blog, like in 2005), I am not staying in a crappy motel (eg- Subpar 8/Motel Sux), but in a nice home. I much prefer it this way. Plus, you get to know some new people, which is always nice. Anyway, Facebook is pretty sweet in that way. They can steal my privacy as much as necessary as long as I get something out of the deal.

Oh yeah, so it was a long drive. Somehow I didn’t get on the road until 10:00, so that didn’t help. Plus, I stopped at a few shops, which, you know, is the job and all. Somehow I had it in my head it wouldn’t take that long, but, umm, it did. Great day for a drive though. Sunny and no wind- 28 mpg with a bike on top.

The thing that struck me is how little snow there was in Colorado. I thought Utah was having a bad year. You pass about a 100 resorts on the 70 and I don’t know how some of them are open. It was kinda weird. Like what I would expect May to look like.

Anyway, in case I don’t get around to posting again. Visiting shops all day tomorrow, then driving down to Colorado Springs where I will stay the next couple nights, more shops on Thursday, then a “customer appreciation night” on Thursday, getting up early on Friday and trying to make the drive feel shorter.


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