I try to update daily when I’m on the road. Kelly appreciates it, if no one else.

Not a ton to report from yesterday though. I am making connections in Colorado, but it’s a bit tougher than Utah where I knew most of the shop owners when I started as a rep. I got out for a nice ride yesterday afternoon. No, this is not a vacation, but if you’re a rep and you don’t ride, I figure you’re doing it wrong. Anyway, for those familiar with the area, I went up Lookout Mtn, straight out of beautiful Golden. It was pretty sweet. Met a dude and he showed me around a little. Tons of riders out.

Cruising around Colorado Springs today before a dealer event tonight. It’s going to run until 9:00 or so, and then I’m going to try to hit out super early. My plan is to try to break up the drive with a quick ride in Grand Junction. It’s supposed to be upper 70’s there tomorrow, so that sounds about right! Of course, that’s contingent on me getting going really early. Gotta get home and see my girls!

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