The Long and Winding Road

Phew, made it home in one piece. One gangly piece. The drive was easy enough again. I hit out super early from Colorado Springs to avoid Denver traffic. Poor suckers who have to do that every day… Ha!

Anyway, as I got up into the mountains I saw some cool stuff. A whole herd of elk right off the side of the road… I thought they dropped their antlers, but one of them had a huge set. A little later I saw a bunch of big horn sheep. Pretty cool.

Outside of trucks, the traffic was either snowboarder/skiers or mountain bikers heading to Fruita or Moab. That time of year where you can go either way, I guess.

About 90 minutes from Grand Junction, I stopped at a rest stop and after speaking to Jared Nelson (I am mentioning people in my blog now, since it worked with Sandy- see below), I noticed one of my tires was bald. I gotta admit I suck at maintenance of anything. So this was not overly surprising, given the miles I am putting in. Anyway, I got nervous and decided to just change it out in GJ.  While there, I went for a quick bike ride as well and then got back on the road.

They were having a race there this weekend, so the friendly dude at Big O showed me the story in the paper.  I like those guys at Big O Tires.

The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful. Lots of cops out working it. I don’t know if they just went out in force because it was so warm and they knew everyone would head for the desert for the weekend or what.

Anyway, I don’t drive that fast, so I don’t worry about that. I should say I am hyper-cognitive of speed. At all times.  I think that’s why long drives aren’t so bad for me… Maybe that doesn’t make sense. I don’t know. Watch now that I’ve said it, I’ll get a ticket.

Anyway, got home and everyone was outside enjoying the beautiful weather. The girls lit up when they saw me (save Rory- she didn’t seem to care much!) and that was super nice to come home too.


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