I don’t really remember where I left off. I had a day where I felt good on the bike (this was a first for the year), then I got sick and literally didn’t get out of bed for a couple days. Then we had Kelly and Haley both go to afterhours care for separate issues…on the same day Morgan fell down the stairs and broke both wrists. Somewhere in there, Kelly’s folks came into town. Her brother, Andrew, came (and now went) as well for a ski trip and visit. I missed the brotherly ski session, which was a bust. Piper turned 2. That’s most of the action, I’d guess.

Today I’m going to make up for the missed ski session.  Free passes to Brighton. Pretty stoked as it’s been snowing up there pretty good the last few days. I think I’ve only skiied twice this year without kids, but they were both powder days, which is good…percentage wise.

Anyway, I’ll try to be a better weblogger.


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