Sugarhouse 2004

I found this pic while searching for photos of myself at Sugarhouse over the weekend. Yeah, I do that.

Anyway, this is probably now one of my favorite race shots ever. Yes, because I’m winning, but also this team was one of my favorites ever and we had a lot of good times. We’ve all kinda gone in different directions now, but I miss those guys. Thanks to Dave from Cycling Utah for sending the pic!

For the record, Kelly was preg-o with Haley when this pic was taken. Crazy that she’s about to turn 8! I don’t feel that old!!

Kind of a cocky pose/salute, huh? I love it.



I almost bailed on racing Sugarhood yesterday. The weather was iffy and my whole plan was to take the fam along as it’s one of the better races to take a bunch of kids too, when the weather’s good. When the storm started rolling in, I almost talked myself into “training” instead. Which doesn’t make much sense in retrospect as there was new snow all over the mountains (yeah), so that wouldn’t have been much fun anyway.

I talked to Kelly about it and wound up going with Sleevie, like old times. The earlier races had some gnarly weather, but it was pretty much dry, if cool, by the time I hit the course.

I felt pretty much okay the whole time. I could sit in easy enough, I could even roll through on the front okay, but if I attacked it took a long time to recover. So I watched the break ride away. Then, I was hanging out hoping it would come back. With a couple laps to go, I missed the chase as well. Sigh. Then, I thought I could win the field sprint (probably for like 10th) and ummm, with about 100 meters to go (when I should be uncorking) I got out of the way as my legs completely imploded and had like 5 more guys go arouund me.

I wound up 16th…pretty much mid-pack. Like I said, I wasn’t that bummed on that. The main thing I lacked, speed, is pretty much the easiest thing for me to get going if I race often. Unfortunately, the next few weeks aren’t looking good race-wise, but whatever. I had a good time. It was nice being back out. I had a lot of nice comments from folks and yeah, I do miss being more a part of “the scene”, which care more about than I knew. So I guess I’m saying thanks everybody.

Just for Jose…

….but I think he just clicked through via fb and doesn’t normally read, so maybe it’s for Dirty Dr. Sandros, Medicine Woman. It’s definitely not for my mom who commented on fb as you have to comment directly on the blog. Sorry, rules are rules.

Anyway, yesterday kinda sucked. People who know me, know I don’t say that often, but my mojo just seemed off all day. The lowlight involved going to completely the wrong location for a meeting. Like 40 miles off. Yeah, that kinda day.

The yin to that yangishlyness was when I finally made it to the meeting, the principle contact was wearing a Gorilla Biscuits shirt. Yes, that is good for my heart, and provided some common ground. And the meeting went well.

Couldn’t sleep last night either. I should have done some work (that always makes me sleepy- ha!), but I kept holding out that I’d sleep and so I just spent a restless night. But, you know, today’s a new day and I intend to attack it with full vigor.

Speaking of which, I need to get after it. Here’s to crushing.

Time Trialing with Haley

No comments yesterday, so this one goes out to you, nobody.

My friends at Reach Endurance hosted a FREE time trial last night. They are debating moving it to Thursday nights, hoping that not conflicting with the mtn bike race will boost attendance. It was decidedly low key for sure, but the gang that came out took it for serious with full TT rigs, discs, the works.

I asked Haley if she wanted to do it on the tandem with me, and after explaining the concept of a time trial about ten times, she was in. The idea that it was a race, but that we’d be alone kinda rocked her world. “Yes, but they time us and we compare times”.  In retrospect, this makes perfect sense as I’ve always thought that time trials were not real bike races as well. Mostly because I suck at them.

Anyway, we rode over to the start, which was about six miles across town. I was a little concerned as it was in the evening and I thought traffic might be dangerous, but it was low key with no problems.

We got to start first, but it seemed like we were only on course for a minute before Sleevie came flying by. This pattern continued on as rider after rider came on past us. It was a ripping head wind on the way out, so I was pretty stoked to hit the turn around. We were just ahead of one rider here, and we held him off as long as we could, but eventually succumbed to his passing as well.

I should point out here, I was giving it full stick. On the nose of the saddle, body rocking, turbo style.

Haley, on the other hand, was trying to have a conversation. “Daddy, did you see that bird?”… “Daddy, looks it’s Salt Lake (actually Utah Lake)”…”Daddy, are they fishing, I don’t want to go fishing, I like fish, but I’d rather be a dog because I’m wild like a dog…not like a cat, they just lay around… Dadddddddy!!”.

“Haley (deep breath)… can’t talk (breath) trying to (breath) breathe.  Pedal, (breath) harder, if you (breath) can (breathe) talk”.

“Daddy!! I am pedaling!!! Now, what’s your favorite bike? Do you like these races? Where are we going? Was that a horse? What are those guys doing? Dadddddy?!!?”

Don’t worry, we did talk on the way there and on the way home. Pinky swear.

Anyway, we eventually got close to the finish and I told her to kick to the line. Immediately, we picked up like 5 mph. She’s got an engine, but not quite sure when or why to use it just yet.

We rolled around and got our time. Somewhere in the 17’s for 6 miles, so we dropped about 4 minutes to the leaders. A solid first effort. I think we probably have the tandem record for the course as I doubt anyone has ridden it on a tandem. We probably also have the Under 8 year old division in check. It’s all about making up a category that you can win.

Sleevie and the Professor asked which way we were riding home and we rolled out together. Unfortunately, we hit a solid hill almost immediately. These guys were totally dogging it, but I don’t think they have any idea how much effort is required to keep the two seater going up hill.  I was again at max wattage and losing ground.  Sigh. From there, we cruised it on home where  Haley had some ice cream before bed.

All-in-all, a good outing. I’ll be out of town next week, but hope to take Morgan out to compare times and nail down the Under 6 category soon.

Just for Jared…

It could only be Jared, but you see, dear reader, not really because you too can have your own post.

Since yesterday, SO MUCH has happened, I really don’t know where to begin. That’s not true. Typical day- walked Haley to school, worked for awhile, bike ride, Costco run, dinner, kids to bed, mild freak-out over dysfunctional internet, bed.

I did get to ride with Tyson Apostol though, and that is always a treat.

It’s been really hot here the last couple days. For the record, I haven’t bathed since yesterdays’ ride, but I’ll rectify that pretty quick here. Pinky swear.

One of my favorite shops Reach Endurance is hosting a FREE Wed night time trial, starting tonight. I am tempted to take Haley over there on the tandem tonight. She’s still in school, but it’s the last week, so it’s not like they are actually doing anything. I try to be around in the evening when I am not on the road as the hour or two before bed tends to be the hardest of the day. Granted, I’d be taking one kid out of the mix…we’ll see. My other option was to go up to Sundance with the family and watch the mountain bike race. That would be fun too.  Life is full of difficult choices.

Well, kids are getting up and it’s just about time to start cracking. Who’s going to be the lucky reader who gets their own post tomorrow? Seriously, I need the motivation if I am going to keep this up.

Just for The Mop…

Yes, you too, can have your own post. Just have to comment.

Let’s see where were we. Oh yeah, Colorado. That was a long time ago now. In dog years, it was like 40 days ago. Or something. I’m not that good at math. Don’t judge.

So, I came back and had a pretty relaxing weekend. The flight into and out of Provo probably has the most per capita Mormons of any flight ever. Not surprising, but it’s pretty funny. You can pretty much guarantee you will end up hearing someone’s “testimony” en route. And yes, for anyone who’s not up on such things, I am “one of them”. Usually when I’m out of state, I just tell people I’m a recovering alcoholic though, there’s less stigma.

I could say I’m straight edge too, but then they think you’re going to blow up a McDonald’s.

In reality, I am really working on myself at the moment. Not that I was doing anything “wrong”  before, but I need to make some tweaks ahead of Haley’s baptism this summer.

Oh geez, I just realized I started this as a post for The Mop and then turned it into a church post. He’ll love that.

In other goings on, I am doing a boat load of yard work. I am outsourcing one of the yards this year, but with Kelly’s folks out of town, that still leaves me with three.  And our yard should probably count double. I did 2 of 3 yesterday and was pretty worked after. It didn’t help that it was one of the first really hot days of the year, too. I managed to haul myself up the Alpine Loop after that, but it was a grunt.

Actually had a guy I was catching full-on attack me going up the loop. He had seen me coming for him and when I got close on a switchback, he fully crossed over to the wrong lane and went out of the saddle. It was awesome. Except a car was coming up from behind, so I had to yell “car back”. I think he gassed himself, as I caught him much more rapidly after that.

On that note, hoping to do Sugarhouse this weekend. My form is maybe not so good after only riding twice last week, but we’ll give it a go. The next month is crazy with travel (for me, I realize some people travel way more than I), so I don’t know how much racing (or even riding) I’ll get to do.

Anyway, thanks for the encouragement, Mopinator.

Just for Kelly…

The rest of you can read it too, but Kelly always seems to appreciate an update from the road…so here goes! Quick trip to CO. Quick to me…maybe not for Kelly!

Anyway, my first day here was a little slow. I always feel like… I have to justify the trip via sales. If that doesn’t happen, it feels like I’m just flushing money down the proverbial toilet. Of course, that’s not the case, but that’s how it feels. So, yesterday wasn’t quite up to snuff.

Then, I had to stay in a hotel. Flush! It was actually the same place I stayed last time I was here, so at least I had the lay of the land. No, dear reader, not the motel next to the “adult” store and truck stop. This place is legit. No hookers or anything. It’s right next to a shared use path, so I went for a run.  Strava shut down on me though, so I only got half of it recorded. I’m not sure if it counts if it’s not strava’d.

I think I’ll end up leaving my beloved Seven out here. I’ve had a couple people volunteer space for a bike, so I think that’s best. It will be much better for my mental state.

Anyway, I woke up fresh and today went much better. I am staying with some relatives in Colorado Springs tonight. I have a couple appointments down here tomorrow and then back up to the airport and back to Provo.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the Denver-Provo flight. It literally cuts the trip in half for me, as you save the commute to SLC, the bus ride from long term parking, long TSA lines… I guess I’m saying it’s good. Quite good.


I never thought I’d be that guy who goes training over a race, but yeah, I flaked on Bear Lake and I don’t regret it!

In fairness, I would have had to drive 3 hours each way alone for an 8:45 start and I would have been gone all day from the family. I love that race and we’ll be back though. I did a couple big days (for me!) in the mountains instead. On that note, love where I live… 8200′ vertical in a 65 mile ride. Where else can you do that?

In other news, it’s mother’s day. So, happy mother’s day to all the moms who read my blog Don’t laugh, I am relatively certain there are at least 4.

Kelly’s mom flies home today, so she’s off to the airport this morning.

I’m back to Denver this week, so hopefully that brings up some good blog fodder.


So, yeah, I did a bike race! YEAH, RACING BIKES!!!

Anyway, Antelope is an old favorite. It was different this time though. Typically, it’s 3-5 guys (or less) and we had 20 guys all together going into the final climb. This was probably good for me as I would probably have been on the losing end of any split given my lack of fitliness. I actually felt really good for the first hour (and you know, in my head, I was all “I’mma win this sucka”), then reality hit and I hung on for dear life.

The major excitement through the race was a few buffalo (totanka) trying to cross the road in front of us. The moto ref was trying to keep them on one side of the road, which was brave.  Later, we were guttered out on the side of the road and I narrowly missed a 6″ deep pile of fresh buffalo poo. That could have been messy!

When I flipped to the little ring for the final climb, I got a stiffy.

And by that I mean a stiff link in my chain, so it was skipping all over town, which wasn’t ideal. I don’t think I could have gone toe-to-toe with the front guys, but maybe I could have cracked the top 10-ish (ie- money spots). As it was, I nursed it in as I was afraid I’d break the chain and have to walk. And I hate walking, esp. in bike shoes while pushing a bike.

Oh yeah, and I wore my NetZero vest- yes, from 2001. I have been wearing it nearly every day as red is kinda my theme (yes, I have a theme) this year and, you “glory days” and all that crap. Anyway, I threw it over to some people on the side of the road mid-race (probably when I still thought I had a chance). After the race, I realized this error, but like the salmon of capistrano, my vest returned to me.  Thanks to whomever put it over by the reg. booth.

The short version is that I was pretty ok with making it to the finale in the front group. Hoping for more hot biking action at Bear Lake this weekend.

Been Awhile…

Oh geez, man. I don’t have the slightest where I left off. I know I’ve been to CO at least once, my mom and   her husband Ken came for a visit, Kelly’s folks were also in town (her mom still is), Morgan broke (and healed) both arms, and I just got back from a quick trip to St. George… Oh yeah, and I’ve been riding bikes semi-consistently again.

With that in mind, I am planning to do Antelope Island tomorrow. Of course, plans can change pretty quickly in this life, but I certainly hope to get out there. It’s been quite a successful event for me previously, but I don’t harbor any illusions about tomorrow. I am aways off. Mostly just excited to get back in the group and racing. I’ve missed it quite a bit.

So, anyway, I’ll do my best to try and update a bit more frequently.