Been Awhile…

Oh geez, man. I don’t have the slightest where I left off. I know I’ve been to CO at least once, my mom and   her husband Ken came for a visit, Kelly’s folks were also in town (her mom still is), Morgan broke (and healed) both arms, and I just got back from a quick trip to St. George… Oh yeah, and I’ve been riding bikes semi-consistently again.

With that in mind, I am planning to do Antelope Island tomorrow. Of course, plans can change pretty quickly in this life, but I certainly hope to get out there. It’s been quite a successful event for me previously, but I don’t harbor any illusions about tomorrow. I am aways off. Mostly just excited to get back in the group and racing. I’ve missed it quite a bit.

So, anyway, I’ll do my best to try and update a bit more frequently.


2 thoughts on “Been Awhile…

  1. Ryan, I was interested in vittoria’s shoes. I met you at East Canyon RR and I spoke to you about 3T wheels.
    Thanks, Trent Watkins

  2. Hi Trent. I wasn’t at East Canyon. If you were talking 3T and Vittoria, you were talking to John McKone. He does Vittoria tires though, which is a separate company from Vittoria shoes. I did sell Vittoria shoes awhile back, but do not currently. Sorry I can’t help!

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