So, yeah, I did a bike race! YEAH, RACING BIKES!!!

Anyway, Antelope is an old favorite. It was different this time though. Typically, it’s 3-5 guys (or less) and we had 20 guys all together going into the final climb. This was probably good for me as I would probably have been on the losing end of any split given my lack of fitliness. I actually felt really good for the first hour (and you know, in my head, I was all “I’mma win this sucka”), then reality hit and I hung on for dear life.

The major excitement through the race was a few buffalo (totanka) trying to cross the road in front of us. The moto ref was trying to keep them on one side of the road, which was brave.  Later, we were guttered out on the side of the road and I narrowly missed a 6″ deep pile of fresh buffalo poo. That could have been messy!

When I flipped to the little ring for the final climb, I got a stiffy.

And by that I mean a stiff link in my chain, so it was skipping all over town, which wasn’t ideal. I don’t think I could have gone toe-to-toe with the front guys, but maybe I could have cracked the top 10-ish (ie- money spots). As it was, I nursed it in as I was afraid I’d break the chain and have to walk. And I hate walking, esp. in bike shoes while pushing a bike.

Oh yeah, and I wore my NetZero vest- yes, from 2001. I have been wearing it nearly every day as red is kinda my theme (yes, I have a theme) this year and, you “glory days” and all that crap. Anyway, I threw it over to some people on the side of the road mid-race (probably when I still thought I had a chance). After the race, I realized this error, but like the salmon of capistrano, my vest returned to me.  Thanks to whomever put it over by the reg. booth.

The short version is that I was pretty ok with making it to the finale in the front group. Hoping for more hot biking action at Bear Lake this weekend.


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