I never thought I’d be that guy who goes training over a race, but yeah, I flaked on Bear Lake and I don’t regret it!

In fairness, I would have had to drive 3 hours each way alone for an 8:45 start and I would have been gone all day from the family. I love that race and we’ll be back though. I did a couple big days (for me!) in the mountains instead. On that note, love where I live… 8200′ vertical in a 65 mile ride. Where else can you do that?

In other news, it’s mother’s day. So, happy mother’s day to all the moms who read my blog Don’t laugh, I am relatively certain there are at least 4.

Kelly’s mom flies home today, so she’s off to the airport this morning.

I’m back to Denver this week, so hopefully that brings up some good blog fodder.


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