Just for The Mop…

Yes, you too, can have your own post. Just have to comment.

Let’s see where were we. Oh yeah, Colorado. That was a long time ago now. In dog years, it was like 40 days ago. Or something. I’m not that good at math. Don’t judge.

So, I came back and had a pretty relaxing weekend. The flight into and out of Provo probably has the most per capita Mormons of any flight ever. Not surprising, but it’s pretty funny. You can pretty much guarantee you will end up hearing someone’s “testimony” en route. And yes, for anyone who’s not up on such things, I am “one of them”. Usually when I’m out of state, I just tell people I’m a recovering alcoholic though, there’s less stigma.

I could say I’m straight edge too, but then they think you’re going to blow up a McDonald’s.

In reality, I am really working on myself at the moment. Not that I was doing anything “wrong”  before, but I need to make some tweaks ahead of Haley’s baptism this summer.

Oh geez, I just realized I started this as a post for The Mop and then turned it into a church post. He’ll love that.

In other goings on, I am doing a boat load of yard work. I am outsourcing one of the yards this year, but with Kelly’s folks out of town, that still leaves me with three.  And our yard should probably count double. I did 2 of 3 yesterday and was pretty worked after. It didn’t help that it was one of the first really hot days of the year, too. I managed to haul myself up the Alpine Loop after that, but it was a grunt.

Actually had a guy I was catching full-on attack me going up the loop. He had seen me coming for him and when I got close on a switchback, he fully crossed over to the wrong lane and went out of the saddle. It was awesome. Except a car was coming up from behind, so I had to yell “car back”. I think he gassed himself, as I caught him much more rapidly after that.

On that note, hoping to do Sugarhouse this weekend. My form is maybe not so good after only riding twice last week, but we’ll give it a go. The next month is crazy with travel (for me, I realize some people travel way more than I), so I don’t know how much racing (or even riding) I’ll get to do.

Anyway, thanks for the encouragement, Mopinator.

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