Just for Jared…

It could only be Jared, but you see, dear reader, not really because you too can have your own post.

Since yesterday, SO MUCH has happened, I really don’t know where to begin. That’s not true. Typical day- walked Haley to school, worked for awhile, bike ride, Costco run, dinner, kids to bed, mild freak-out over dysfunctional internet, bed.

I did get to ride with Tyson Apostol though, and that is always a treat.

It’s been really hot here the last couple days. For the record, I haven’t bathed since yesterdays’ ride, but I’ll rectify that pretty quick here. Pinky swear.

One of my favorite shops Reach Endurance is hosting a FREE Wed night time trial, starting tonight. I am tempted to take Haley over there on the tandem tonight. She’s still in school, but it’s the last week, so it’s not like they are actually doing anything. I try to be around in the evening when I am not on the road as the hour or two before bed tends to be the hardest of the day. Granted, I’d be taking one kid out of the mix…we’ll see. My other option was to go up to Sundance with the family and watch the mountain bike race. That would be fun too.  Life is full of difficult choices.

Well, kids are getting up and it’s just about time to start cracking. Who’s going to be the lucky reader who gets their own post tomorrow? Seriously, I need the motivation if I am going to keep this up.


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