Time Trialing with Haley

No comments yesterday, so this one goes out to you, nobody.

My friends at Reach Endurance hosted a FREE time trial last night. They are debating moving it to Thursday nights, hoping that not conflicting with the mtn bike race will boost attendance. It was decidedly low key for sure, but the gang that came out took it for serious with full TT rigs, discs, the works.

I asked Haley if she wanted to do it on the tandem with me, and after explaining the concept of a time trial about ten times, she was in. The idea that it was a race, but that we’d be alone kinda rocked her world. “Yes, but they time us and we compare times”.  In retrospect, this makes perfect sense as I’ve always thought that time trials were not real bike races as well. Mostly because I suck at them.

Anyway, we rode over to the start, which was about six miles across town. I was a little concerned as it was in the evening and I thought traffic might be dangerous, but it was low key with no problems.

We got to start first, but it seemed like we were only on course for a minute before Sleevie came flying by. This pattern continued on as rider after rider came on past us. It was a ripping head wind on the way out, so I was pretty stoked to hit the turn around. We were just ahead of one rider here, and we held him off as long as we could, but eventually succumbed to his passing as well.

I should point out here, I was giving it full stick. On the nose of the saddle, body rocking, turbo style.

Haley, on the other hand, was trying to have a conversation. “Daddy, did you see that bird?”… “Daddy, looks it’s Salt Lake (actually Utah Lake)”…”Daddy, are they fishing, I don’t want to go fishing, I like fish, but I’d rather be a dog because I’m wild like a dog…not like a cat, they just lay around… Dadddddddy!!”.

“Haley (deep breath)… can’t talk (breath) trying to (breath) breathe.  Pedal, (breath) harder, if you (breath) can (breathe) talk”.

“Daddy!! I am pedaling!!! Now, what’s your favorite bike? Do you like these races? Where are we going? Was that a horse? What are those guys doing? Dadddddy?!!?”

Don’t worry, we did talk on the way there and on the way home. Pinky swear.

Anyway, we eventually got close to the finish and I told her to kick to the line. Immediately, we picked up like 5 mph. She’s got an engine, but not quite sure when or why to use it just yet.

We rolled around and got our time. Somewhere in the 17’s for 6 miles, so we dropped about 4 minutes to the leaders. A solid first effort. I think we probably have the tandem record for the course as I doubt anyone has ridden it on a tandem. We probably also have the Under 8 year old division in check. It’s all about making up a category that you can win.

Sleevie and the Professor asked which way we were riding home and we rolled out together. Unfortunately, we hit a solid hill almost immediately. These guys were totally dogging it, but I don’t think they have any idea how much effort is required to keep the two seater going up hill.  I was again at max wattage and losing ground.  Sigh. From there, we cruised it on home where  Haley had some ice cream before bed.

All-in-all, a good outing. I’ll be out of town next week, but hope to take Morgan out to compare times and nail down the Under 6 category soon.


3 thoughts on “Time Trialing with Haley

  1. Yes, a bike race is when a group of people line up and one person gets to the finish first. A TT is 1/3 of a triathlon. Sorry.

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