Just for Jose…

….but I think he just clicked through via fb and doesn’t normally read, so maybe it’s for Dirty Dr. Sandros, Medicine Woman. It’s definitely not for my mom who commented on fb as you have to comment directly on the blog. Sorry, rules are rules.

Anyway, yesterday kinda sucked. People who know me, know I don’t say that often, but my mojo just seemed off all day. The lowlight involved going to completely the wrong location for a meeting. Like 40 miles off. Yeah, that kinda day.

The yin to that yangishlyness was when I finally made it to the meeting, the principle contact was wearing a Gorilla Biscuits shirt. Yes, that is good for my heart, and provided some common ground. And the meeting went well.

Couldn’t sleep last night either. I should have done some work (that always makes me sleepy- ha!), but I kept holding out that I’d sleep and so I just spent a restless night. But, you know, today’s a new day and I intend to attack it with full vigor.

Speaking of which, I need to get after it. Here’s to crushing.


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