Sorry, Kelly…

Usually I try to update when I’m on the road, but this trip has been pretty full up. I do have some pics (mostly scenery…I know, LAME!!) to post, but I have to do it off my phone and I won’t do that until I’m back in AMERICA as the roaming/data charges are completely out-of-hand. C’mon, Canada isn’t really out of the US! We just haven’t invaded yet.

I will say I’m having quite a time. The trip up was a bit of a disaster as my flight from Chicago to Quebec was cancelled. Then, the flight from Chicago to Montreal that we re-routed on was delayed about 3 hours due to weather, so I left home at 4:30am and got here close to midnight. Yeah, I could have gotten pretty much anywhere on earth in that time, but all-in-all, it wasn’t so bad. You gotta roll with the punches, yo and some others had to sleep in an airport and had their luggage lost, so ya know, it could always be worse.

Anyway, despite being on little sleep, I woke up fresh as a proverbial daisy, but I’m dead starved so I’m off to see what’s for breaky. Back home tonight. I don’t leave until 5:00, so hopefully it doesn’t take as long getting back!


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