Last week…

So, most of you will have caught this on FB. Kelly also did a good re-cap of events, but she asked me to write up a post about it…so here ya go.

On Monday night of last week, the girls put on the tube while Kelly and I finished dinner. After a couple minutes, we heard Piper choking. We ran in and flipped her over and started pounding on her back. She was able to breathe, but nothing came out and we could tell something was stuck in her throat… ER here we come. 

In my head, this was a run to the ER be there a few hours, pop that sucker out and be home situation…Not the way it turned out. They quickly x-ray’d her, but then took an hour or so for the results, during which time she was flipping out. It was getting past bedtime and with “something” lodged in her throat, she was not a happy girl. Finally, they said it was a coin, but we’d need to go to Primary’s (an hour away) to have it removed. 

They gave her some morphine, which sounded extreme, but definitely mellowed this kid out. They refused to give me any for whatever reason. As we are leaving they say “don’t worry, they know you are coming”, which I took to mean we’d be in and out.

Not the way it played out…

We got there around 11pm and got in a room immediately. From there, no one seemed to know what to do. After a couple hours, we were sent to a room and told they would take it out first thing in the morning. 

First thing in the morning (and I mean first), a doc came in and said they would take it out sometime between 8:30 and 5:00… I was a little dazed (kind of a restless night) and didn’t have time to think it through. 

Once I came to my senses, I flipped out. I am not the type to go crazy or curse at a doc or anything, but I told the nurses I needed to speak with the doc and if they were unwilling to get the coin out, I would have to find somewhere that would.

A doc came and said they were shooting for 12:30, but they had to give priority to kids’ in immediate danger. Now this makes perfect sense, another kid maybe dying, mine was not. That said, she’d had this thing in her throat for over 14 hours. I definitely lost it again, getting all emotional. The doc was super nice, but wouldn’t budge or even promise a time.

About 20 minutes later, they came in and said we are headed for the OR. Maybe this was a case of the squeaky wheel getting the grease. I definitely made a reputation as the “crazy dad”, but I believe she was “re-priortized” due to my craziness, so I don’t regret it.

The procedure only took about 30 minutes (not including anesthesia, breathing tube, etc), but she needed a few hours to recover, so it was about 3:30 by the time we got home. Can you imagine if they took her in at 5:00, rather than 10:00? I am pretty sure we would have spent another night there! 

Anyway, Pipes was great throughout the whole thing…only Dad lost it. I am, of course, eternally grateful for the care we got and that my baby girl is safe with us again.

The next day, we got up and headed to my Mom’s in Sedona…Great trip, but that’s a post for another day!


Paint it Black

The title has nothing to do with this post, but the song has been in my head for hours now.

Anyway, when we left off I was in CO Springs. I spent a couple nights there and then headed up to Denver, Boulder area.

I ended up doing the local training crit on Wed night, which was a good time. I felt pretty solid again. Had some bike issues whereby my chain would start skipping after I did a big effort, and then I could get it to stop by backpedaling. I know weird. Anyway, I didn’t want to be the guy that broke his chain and crashed everybody, so I took it kinda easy, but I did try to get away at 3-to-go. Caught at the bell!

The astute reader will recall that this happened at Antelope Island as well… and yes, same chain. Probably should have replaced it then, but you know…I am lazy with that stuff. I always look at maintenance like “I have x amount of time… I’d rather spend it riding bikes than working on bikes”. It’s gotten me this far, right?!?

I launched a massive twitter campaign to try to find free lodging last night and though it was re-tweeted by upwards of 5 people, it was a failure and I stayed at the Subpar 8. Drove around all day and talked about bike stuff and now I am in Grand Junction.  Thanks to a tip from a fellow rep, I used the Priceline “negotiator” to negotiate a negotiable deal that was half the price of last nights’ room. I didn’t really negotiate anything, but I like the sound of it.

Went for a little bike ride when I got in. It was 99 when I pulled in a 7:30, but it didn’t feel bad at all as the sun was going down. Will try to get myself out again in the morning before seeing a couple shops  and then hitting the road again…homeward bound!!

Super stoked to see Kelly and the girls!!

A quickie with, uh, I mean, for Kelly

Well, I’m in CO… Kelly did a great post on our family trip to Idaho Falls. From the racing perspective, it was awesome. Loved racing with J-radness and I felt for a two man wrecking crew, we did a good job.  Go MACdonald’s! I felt the best I have in a looong time, like I was really racing. Unfortunately, I dropped the proverbial ball at 5 to go and assumed it would be a field sprint…and watched the break ride away! Realistically, knowing who was up there, I don’t think I’d have won as I just don’t have the speed right now, but I should have been close. I ended up 8th.

Yesterday, I drove all day with a few stops in Aspen- where women flock like the salmon of capistrano. From there, I went up and over Independence Pass- if anyone reads this who is doing the USA Pro Challenge- have fun with that! Yowsa!- And on to Colorado Springs. The fire damage was pretty evident, but it was really heart warming to see all the signs thanking the firefighters.

Anyway, gotta keep it short. Off to workie-poo.

Allan Butler Memorial Crit

Yes! We are loading up the family truckster tomorrow and heading up to Idaho Falls for the AB Crit. I was close to giving it a miss this year. I am leaving for CO for the week early Monday morning and so getting back Sunday afternoon/evening could be tricky.

I spoke with Kelly about it, and she was in, so YAAAHHH racing bikes.

It has certainly become a family tradition for us. I’m sure I’ll miss it one of these years, but with any luck it won’t be this one!

Lookout for Team MACdonald’s!

Fast Sunday

Yeah, so I gave fasting another try today. I’ve only done it once previously (a few years back), but was somehow inspired again today. It wasn’t that bad. Maybe because I ate a hugely amount of fat and sat on my butt all day yesterday, I don’t know. I usually eat every 3-4 hours, but I managed until around 4:30 this afternoon on nothing. Well, not nothing. I was giving the kids carrots and forgot and popped one in my mouth, but one minicarrot can’t count, right?

I checked myself out in the mirror (like that’s something new) this afternoon and I looked totally ripped though, so maybe I’ll give up eating all together. Just joking, but seriously, I was looking good.

Don’t worry, mom, I don’t have the will power to be manorexic.


White Line Fever

White line fever.

Provo to St. George ~4 hours. 5 hours at a dealer event. St. George to Provo…and we’re home for dinner! Yes!! I am a crusher when it comes to driving. I don’t know why. Everyone complains about it, but it’s not such a big thing to me. If you ride a bicycle for 4 hours for fun, driving should be pretty easy… You’re just sitting there. Rocking out.

It was 108 when I left St. Jorge. All the squeegees to wash your windshield at the gas stations were dried out. That’s Utah style though…in the winter, they are frozen.

Looking forward to a relaxifiying day tomorrow. Hopefully.

That’s me… A working man who’s had enough. Or not enough. Or something.