Fast Sunday

Yeah, so I gave fasting another try today. I’ve only done it once previously (a few years back), but was somehow inspired again today. It wasn’t that bad. Maybe because I ate a hugely amount of fat and sat on my butt all day yesterday, I don’t know. I usually eat every 3-4 hours, but I managed until around 4:30 this afternoon on nothing. Well, not nothing. I was giving the kids carrots and forgot and popped one in my mouth, but one minicarrot can’t count, right?

I checked myself out in the mirror (like that’s something new) this afternoon and I looked totally ripped though, so maybe I’ll give up eating all together. Just joking, but seriously, I was looking good.

Don’t worry, mom, I don’t have the will power to be manorexic.



One thought on “Fast Sunday

  1. Ryan — Paul at the paper in Idaho Falls here. I need to talk to you regarding the Allan Butler event in I.F. this weekend. Please reach me at 208-542-6772 as soon as you can. It is 7:30, and I would need to speak to you before my 9 p.m. deadline. thanks

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