A quickie with, uh, I mean, for Kelly

Well, I’m in CO… Kelly did a great post on our family trip to Idaho Falls. From the racing perspective, it was awesome. Loved racing with J-radness and I felt for a two man wrecking crew, we did a good job.  Go MACdonald’s! I felt the best I have in a looong time, like I was really racing. Unfortunately, I dropped the proverbial ball at 5 to go and assumed it would be a field sprint…and watched the break ride away! Realistically, knowing who was up there, I don’t think I’d have won as I just don’t have the speed right now, but I should have been close. I ended up 8th.

Yesterday, I drove all day with a few stops in Aspen- where women flock like the salmon of capistrano. From there, I went up and over Independence Pass- if anyone reads this who is doing the USA Pro Challenge- have fun with that! Yowsa!- And on to Colorado Springs. The fire damage was pretty evident, but it was really heart warming to see all the signs thanking the firefighters.

Anyway, gotta keep it short. Off to workie-poo.


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