Paint it Black

The title has nothing to do with this post, but the song has been in my head for hours now.

Anyway, when we left off I was in CO Springs. I spent a couple nights there and then headed up to Denver, Boulder area.

I ended up doing the local training crit on Wed night, which was a good time. I felt pretty solid again. Had some bike issues whereby my chain would start skipping after I did a big effort, and then I could get it to stop by backpedaling. I know weird. Anyway, I didn’t want to be the guy that broke his chain and crashed everybody, so I took it kinda easy, but I did try to get away at 3-to-go. Caught at the bell!

The astute reader will recall that this happened at Antelope Island as well… and yes, same chain. Probably should have replaced it then, but you know…I am lazy with that stuff. I always look at maintenance like “I have x amount of time… I’d rather spend it riding bikes than working on bikes”. It’s gotten me this far, right?!?

I launched a massive twitter campaign to try to find free lodging last night and though it was re-tweeted by upwards of 5 people, it was a failure and I stayed at the Subpar 8. Drove around all day and talked about bike stuff and now I am in Grand Junction.  Thanks to a tip from a fellow rep, I used the Priceline “negotiator” to negotiate a negotiable deal that was half the price of last nights’ room. I didn’t really negotiate anything, but I like the sound of it.

Went for a little bike ride when I got in. It was 99 when I pulled in a 7:30, but it didn’t feel bad at all as the sun was going down. Will try to get myself out again in the morning before seeing a couple shops  and then hitting the road again…homeward bound!!

Super stoked to see Kelly and the girls!!


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