Life on the Road

At what point do I get residence in Colorado?

I don’t know where I left off or where this post is going to go.

That’s a good start.

I have been on the road all week and this is my first night in a motel (definitely a “no tell”), so that’s solid. The power of Facebook.  Tuesday was our anniversary, so that was kind of a bust, but it was kind of now or never for this trip. And by never, I mean in 3 week when I come back.

Couldn’t wait until then, and I’m glad I didn’t. I believe the trip has been fruitful.

Sorry, Kelly… We’ll celebrate eventually. Pinky swear.

Today’s been long though. I got out around 8 and had appointments around Denver until close to 2, lunch, then drove to Glenwood Springs for a final appt, back in the car to Grand Junction and arrived around 8:30, out for a quick run, talk to Kelly, dinner (Denny’s- can’t beat it), and since then,  I’ve been doing all the follow-up from the week until now. I should be pooped, but I don’t feel like sleeping for whatever reason.

Probably guilt over my suckage at blogging.

Anyway, going to stop in Moab tomorrow and see a couple shops and then home to my girls!!


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