Pee Town Cross

So, the first P-Town cross went off tonight. It was sweet. I actually rode the course in the snow a few years back one time. Hats off to everyone involved. Good to see some biking action in the P.

After a horrible, no good, very bad day, we (la familia turbo) made it out there with about 5 minutes to spare, which was fine. It was good and low-key.

I took a couple years off, but it looks like nothing has changed and I still suck at cyclocross. Yeah, I am pretty out-of-shape and stuff, but the thing is I can still hold my own in a crit when I am a proverbial “fat bag of snacks”, but in cross it hardly matters. Good, bad, ugly, I just can’t go fast enough. I should probably learn how to go faster on dirt, I guess.

Oh, and if you’re thinking, well you just sit in in a criterium…you probably haven’t won them very often.

Road shoes may not have been the best choice, but it wouldn’t have made much difference.

What was awesome was when I was hurting and decided to check how far in I was. 14 minutes in.

Anyway, it was a righteous party and I hope to be back. Trying to talk Kelly into racing next time!


Cross Bike Maiden Voyage

So, as mentioned I got a new cross bike. It’s the bees. Anyway, I got around to riding it yesterday, crazy I know. I rolled over to check out the new Provo Wed night course. I had actually ridden the park previously. Sadly, I had no idea what the course actually consists of. The park is pretty tiny though, so it will be interesting to see how the lap comes together. Hoping to find out tomorrow night!

Form is not up to spec however. Luckily, I suck at the cross whether I am fit or not, so no one will know the difference.

I got bored pretty quickly so headed up on the shoreline trail for a bit. I was railing it home as I had to pick up the girls from school when I flatted. It seems like I always flat on the cross bike. It makes my sad hurt. Anyway, I was pretty late with that, but I got the girls okay.

In short, new cross bike=boss.

In other news, we got our first valley rain/mountain snow overnight and I am a little giddy.

Where Was I?

Oh yeah, going into Interbike.

The show was okay for me. Kinda bouncing between a few booths. Only had a few appointments each day, but I think they went well. A couple no shows, which is disappointing, but what are you gonna do? Always nice to catch up with my industry brethren a bit.

The cross race Wednesday night was boss. Probably the highlight of the week, fun wise. Thursday night I went to the big industry party. I thought I should show my face, but it’s so far removed from my scene. The music is too loud to talk to anybody and I can only figure they paid all the stripper looking chicks to be there. So weird.

I rode Wed and Thurs mornings, mostly because I couldn’t sleep. Pretty weird being on the streets of Vegas at 6am. I think the road that parallels the strip is Industrial Blvd…pretty much all strip joints. Nice line of cabs out front. Probably time to go home for the night, fellas!

I made my appearances on Friday, but hit the road around 2:00. Ran into a bunch of other bike geeks at In-N-Out in St. George and was home to see the girls before bed. It was a pretty long trip for me, so the girls were over the moon when I came home. So nice.

All-in-all, a pretty good trip. Oh yeah, and I brought home a Litespeed ti cross bike. Pretty excited to get on it. Seems like the perfect material for a cross bike. Also interested to see how disc brakes compare.

Time to go indoors

Well, the fun and games are over. I am glad to be done with dirt demo, as standing around outside in 100 degree temps does wear on you a bit, but I was able to ride my bike everyday since I left, which was nice.

It gets tough now though. Late meeting tonight, early meeting tomorrow. We’ll see if I can keep up the riding. Would undboubtedly be the first time I’ve gone home with more fitness than I left with, but the starting level makes that easier as well!

I did the big group ride out to Lake Mead this morning. It was easy enough going out, but coming back was pretty much all uphill and, predictably, it turned into a race. I didn’t win. Or come close!

Apparently, Rory started crawling while I was away. No surprise there, but I am bummed to have missed it. I guess she still prefers dragging herself around (zombie baby, as I call it), so hopefully she isn’t too fast before I get home.

Will try to keep the updates, pumping, but that’s going to get hard too. Time will tell…

Just a quickie…

…as I finally slept in after 3 days of not so much sleepy-sleepy time.

Anyway, yesterday was solid. The meetings were over by about 2:00 and we took a ride out around Lake Mead and to the Hoover Dam. It was a touch over 40 miles, which is quite long by my current standards and just about 100 degrees. I’d never seen the dam before, so that was pretty cool. Nice to just roll with some guys without it getting too agro.

Got back hopped in the pool and then headed towards the strip. I had to drop a guy off at Treasure Island and then came the drive of shame down to Circus Circus. I joke about it, but seriously, I hope I’m not here again next year. And by that I mean, I hope I have the financial ability to say “it’s worth it to stay somewhere decent”, as this place is living up to it’s reputation. I shouldn’t complain, as I slept just fine. It is a ways from the expo though and I will be taking anything valuable with me when I leave the room for the day. The signs all over the hotel basically recommend it.

Maybe one day I can even take Kelly for some portion of the trip…

Anyway, I got kind of depressed about it last night… maybe just the extremes of leaving a super nice resort and heading here. So I kinda just wandered the strip for a couple hours. I typically do that when I’m here. It’s just such a weird place for me.

Anyway, new day, get it on!

Probably not going to happen…

So awhile back I posted that on the road, I typically tell people I am a recovering alcoholic rather than Mormon. It is a joke, but it’s not, right?

It’s kinda funny being in meetings like this. All good in the meetings, but as we get into the cocktail and dinner hours, people really can’t fathom that an adult would choose not to imbibe. And then it comes out that I’m from Utah and people draw the conclusion…

but the truth is I’ve only been Mormon for the past 6 years, and I’ve been having this conversation since high school.

For the record, I did try drinking twice. Both in my mid-20’s. I had a great time the first time and got a really bad hangover the 2nd. Pretty sure I can say never again.

So much…

…for blogging form. Am I right?

Or maybe it’s back up again as I’m back on the road. Yes, after a fairly hectic week at home, I am back in beautiful Las Vegas. Our hot water heater went out, but we got a new one just in time for me to leave. And I mean just in time. Now, the internet and landlines are out. I paid the phone bill- pinky swear!! I don’t like leaving the Kelly with the house awry though. Things go so much smoother that way, so hopefully we’re back up and running quickly.

So yeah, out here for sales meetings this weekend, then dirt demo Mon-Tues and Interbike Wed-Fri. In case, you noted that this posted in the wee hours of the morning. Yeah, my roomie must’ve had a bit of a rough night (as they say). I’ll leave it at that and that at 5:00 (6:00 Utah time), that’s close enough to when I get up that I wasn’t going back to bed.

The drive was easy enough. And I even got in with enough time to go for a cruise around Lake Las Vegas. I gotta say this is a whole different side of things from the strip. It was 101 when I pulled in, but with the sun going down, it was quite pleasant. We’re due to finish up meetings at 4:00 today and get out for a ride in the hot (yes, in the hot). It’s funny to hear all the east coasters complain about the dry heat.  As for me, any time I can go for a bike ride as part of a meeting, you won’t hear me complaining.

Stayed tuned for the next post wherein I go back on my word and complain.

Blogging form…

… on the up? Or am I just bored at night without my “home” routine?

Anyway, today was solid. I made it to Grand Junction as planned. I realize that I contradicted myself saying “I always stay with people” one day and talking about my motel plans the next. I don’t really know anyone here, and the motel I stay at is cheap. Like less than $50 with tax. I do kinda like having the last night of the trip in my own spot… makes it easier to finish work or whatever. I kinda have the routine for GJ now. Get in late. Get a quick ride (if there’s daylight) or run in. Go eat at Denny’s next door. Denny’s is a solid value. I can eat a hearty meal on fast food pricing. I wonder when the waitress will start calling me by name. 

Hopefully I’ll see another shop or two in the morning and get home at a decent time. No rest for the wicked though as Kelly signed me up to take Haley and Morgan on a daddy-daughter camping trip tomorrow night! I will be wrecked and I should really go to sleep now, but I can never go to bed at a normal hour when I’m on the road. Anyway, I’m stoked about it as the girls have been wanting to camp all year, but it’s been tough with Rory still not really sleeping, Piper just getting potty trained, etc. So, now we’ll at least have one trip in. Hopefully next year will be a little easier and we’ll get a few family trips in as the girls absolutely love it.

RB over and out.

Living the Dream…

Man, I gotta change up the look of this blog. It is dated. I should have a picture of me driving for my header. Today was a lot less mileage than yesterday, so I’ll take that.

Maybe tomorrow night I’ll make some changes… Probably not though as I’ll probably be driving late-ish. The goal is to make it to back to Grand Junction tomorrow night, so I can cut the drive home in half-sies. I am kinda getting in a routine that way. I have a crappy little motel that I stay in. It’s not so bad really, but it is cheap. Sadly, I’ve made Kelly and the kids stay in worse!

The trip is going pretty well though, so I’ll take that.

I spent most of the day in Denver and finished up in Boulder. Boulder is crazy. You seriously see pro athletes everywhere. I kinda thought that was a joke before I spent any real time here, but no, they are everywhere. I dig it, I guess. Might be weird to live it on the daily though. I might feel a bit insecure in my lack of fitness. Maybe that says something about me though!

Anyway, I’m pretty wiped out and I’m sure it will be an early evening. I know how to party when I’m on the road, huh?


For my Kelly…

…but the rest of you can read it as well.

Big day in the car today. I thought about doing the drive to CO blindfolded, but decided not to. Maybe next month.

I hit out a touch after 7 and made it to Grand Junction before lunch time. Stopped in at one shop there before hitting the gas pedal again. One shop in Glenwood Springs and 3 in Aspen. As my facebook friends (and who isn’t my fb friend, really?) know, I thought I got a parking ticket there, but they gave me a warning.

I love cops!

I love the show Cops even more.

From there, I had the long haul over Independence Pass (12k some odd feet). I got out at the top to tinkle. I ran around a little to feel the altitude too and apparently, 12,000 feet is pretty high or something. Finished up driving on to Colorado Springs and got there just in time to do a little spin around Garden of the Gods before it was too dark to see anything.

So nice to get out and pedal a bit. It was literally like half an hour, but whatevers.

Somewhere in there I had a really crappy lunch as well. I am trying to eat better on the road, but I don’t seem to be succeeding so much. I think pulling the soda waters will be good. It’s way cheaper when you don’t make it a meal too. Plus, you know, gotta keep this body up for Kelly!  Heeeeeyyyyy!!

Staying with some family here tonight and then heading north to Denver/Boulder tomorrow. So nice to have people to stay with! I know some folks think I’m crazy for always hitting up my contacts for a place to stay, but I save a ton of money and meet some great people this way. I try not to hit up the same people too often, so I don’t wear out my welcome.

Anyway, there you have it… one day in the life of a traveling salesman. Bikey version.