For my Kelly…

…but the rest of you can read it as well.

Big day in the car today. I thought about doing the drive to CO blindfolded, but decided not to. Maybe next month.

I hit out a touch after 7 and made it to Grand Junction before lunch time. Stopped in at one shop there before hitting the gas pedal again. One shop in Glenwood Springs and 3 in Aspen. As my facebook friends (and who isn’t my fb friend, really?) know, I thought I got a parking ticket there, but they gave me a warning.

I love cops!

I love the show Cops even more.

From there, I had the long haul over Independence Pass (12k some odd feet). I got out at the top to tinkle. I ran around a little to feel the altitude too and apparently, 12,000 feet is pretty high or something. Finished up driving on to Colorado Springs and got there just in time to do a little spin around Garden of the Gods before it was too dark to see anything.

So nice to get out and pedal a bit. It was literally like half an hour, but whatevers.

Somewhere in there I had a really crappy lunch as well. I am trying to eat better on the road, but I don’t seem to be succeeding so much. I think pulling the soda waters will be good. It’s way cheaper when you don’t make it a meal too. Plus, you know, gotta keep this body up for Kelly!  Heeeeeyyyyy!!

Staying with some family here tonight and then heading north to Denver/Boulder tomorrow. So nice to have people to stay with! I know some folks think I’m crazy for always hitting up my contacts for a place to stay, but I save a ton of money and meet some great people this way. I try not to hit up the same people too often, so I don’t wear out my welcome.

Anyway, there you have it… one day in the life of a traveling salesman. Bikey version.


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