Blogging form…

… on the up? Or am I just bored at night without my “home” routine?

Anyway, today was solid. I made it to Grand Junction as planned. I realize that I contradicted myself saying “I always stay with people” one day and talking about my motel plans the next. I don’t really know anyone here, and the motel I stay at is cheap. Like less than $50 with tax. I do kinda like having the last night of the trip in my own spot… makes it easier to finish work or whatever. I kinda have the routine for GJ now. Get in late. Get a quick ride (if there’s daylight) or run in. Go eat at Denny’s next door. Denny’s is a solid value. I can eat a hearty meal on fast food pricing. I wonder when the waitress will start calling me by name. 

Hopefully I’ll see another shop or two in the morning and get home at a decent time. No rest for the wicked though as Kelly signed me up to take Haley and Morgan on a daddy-daughter camping trip tomorrow night! I will be wrecked and I should really go to sleep now, but I can never go to bed at a normal hour when I’m on the road. Anyway, I’m stoked about it as the girls have been wanting to camp all year, but it’s been tough with Rory still not really sleeping, Piper just getting potty trained, etc. So, now we’ll at least have one trip in. Hopefully next year will be a little easier and we’ll get a few family trips in as the girls absolutely love it.

RB over and out.


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