Just a quickie…

…as I finally slept in after 3 days of not so much sleepy-sleepy time.

Anyway, yesterday was solid. The meetings were over by about 2:00 and we took a ride out around Lake Mead and to the Hoover Dam. It was a touch over 40 miles, which is quite long by my current standards and just about 100 degrees. I’d never seen the dam before, so that was pretty cool. Nice to just roll with some guys without it getting too agro.

Got back hopped in the pool and then headed towards the strip. I had to drop a guy off at Treasure Island and then came the drive of shame down to Circus Circus. I joke about it, but seriously, I hope I’m not here again next year. And by that I mean, I hope I have the financial ability to say “it’s worth it to stay somewhere decent”, as this place is living up to it’s reputation. I shouldn’t complain, as I slept just fine. It is a ways from the expo though and I will be taking anything valuable with me when I leave the room for the day. The signs all over the hotel basically recommend it.

Maybe one day I can even take Kelly for some portion of the trip…

Anyway, I got kind of depressed about it last night… maybe just the extremes of leaving a super nice resort and heading here. So I kinda just wandered the strip for a couple hours. I typically do that when I’m here. It’s just such a weird place for me.

Anyway, new day, get it on!


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