Time to go indoors

Well, the fun and games are over. I am glad to be done with dirt demo, as standing around outside in 100 degree temps does wear on you a bit, but I was able to ride my bike everyday since I left, which was nice.

It gets tough now though. Late meeting tonight, early meeting tomorrow. We’ll see if I can keep up the riding. Would undboubtedly be the first time I’ve gone home with more fitness than I left with, but the starting level makes that easier as well!

I did the big group ride out to Lake Mead this morning. It was easy enough going out, but coming back was pretty much all uphill and, predictably, it turned into a race. I didn’t win. Or come close!

Apparently, Rory started crawling while I was away. No surprise there, but I am bummed to have missed it. I guess she still prefers dragging herself around (zombie baby, as I call it), so hopefully she isn’t too fast before I get home.

Will try to keep the updates, pumping, but that’s going to get hard too. Time will tell…


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