Where Was I?

Oh yeah, going into Interbike.

The show was okay for me. Kinda bouncing between a few booths. Only had a few appointments each day, but I think they went well. A couple no shows, which is disappointing, but what are you gonna do? Always nice to catch up with my industry brethren a bit.

The cross race Wednesday night was boss. Probably the highlight of the week, fun wise. Thursday night I went to the big industry party. I thought I should show my face, but it’s so far removed from my scene. The music is too loud to talk to anybody and I can only figure they paid all the stripper looking chicks to be there. So weird.

I rode Wed and Thurs mornings, mostly because I couldn’t sleep. Pretty weird being on the streets of Vegas at 6am. I think the road that parallels the strip is Industrial Blvd…pretty much all strip joints. Nice line of cabs out front. Probably time to go home for the night, fellas!

I made my appearances on Friday, but hit the road around 2:00. Ran into a bunch of other bike geeks at In-N-Out in St. George and was home to see the girls before bed. It was a pretty long trip for me, so the girls were over the moon when I came home. So nice.

All-in-all, a pretty good trip. Oh yeah, and I brought home a Litespeed ti cross bike. Pretty excited to get on it. Seems like the perfect material for a cross bike. Also interested to see how disc brakes compare.


3 thoughts on “Where Was I?

  1. How long have you been gone? It has to have been there at least 5 years now. There’s probably 6 between Orem and Ogden too.

  2. Yeah, well I’ve been gone since 2007. Over 5 years. Orem and Ogden too?? Wow…I’m so jealous… I’d have been much fatter back in the day if there was an In-N-Out to ride past in the neighborhood!

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