We have (purportedly) got our first real winter storm heading in. It was warm enough today, but crazy windy all day. I guess by the end of the week, we’re going to have high’s in the low 40’s and possible snow in the valley.

Well, there’s your weather report. Good night, everybody.

No, I just thought my vast network of out of state and even vaster (and by that, I mean more vast) network of out of country readers would like to know what’s happening in my neck of the woods.

Anyway, I don’t remember what the last thing I posted was. Vacation maybe. I think this weather front is bumming me out. Either that or the flu shot/tracking device I got earlier.

I guess there’s a fight debate between those two guys trying to be King of America or whatever. I am not watching it. If we had a TV that worked, it would probably be on…but we don’t, so it’s not.

If there’s one thing that this debate has taught me (and again, I’m not watching), it’s that the bulk of my FB and Twitter friends prefer the democratic candidate.

Anyway, not so much to report. Stay tuned though, something exciting is bound to happen. Hopefully not too exciting though.



Vacation’s all I ever wanted

So, long time… I think I was in DIA complaining about doping when last we met. Wow, a lot has happened there. Anyway, we hit out the next day for Long Beach. The drive there was fairly excruciating. Bunch of jack-knifed trucks all over the freeway, rain, potty and breastfeeding stops, and honery little girls made it tough, but it was all worth it.

We had a great trip. The girls got to see all their great-grandparents and we had a couple runs to the beach.  It was warm enough to swim in the ocean comfortably so the girls got their boogie board on. I tried to get them surfing, but they’re not quite ready yet.

I, on the other hand, surfed for the first time in years…It was awesome. Can’t put together why I have waited so long. Thanks to my bro-in-law, Andrew for getting out there with me.

I really enjoyed just hanging out with everyone in the evenings.

Got in a couple rides as well and then made the drive home on Tuesday. It went more smoothly…Still a long day!

Last night, I did the P-town cross race again. I don’t know what happened, but it was by far my worst performance, which is saying something! From the get-go, I just couldn’t get-going. Maybe the drive? Oh well, still fun.

Going to try to whip my self back into some kind of reasonable condition. Pinky swear.


I’m going to keep this short. Almost all of Lance’s American teammates have now come forward and admitted that there was a structured doping program in the team and they took part. Of course, the Lance camp is still saying “blah, blah, never failed a test, blah….”

Anyway, almost 10 years on and it still bums me out.

I’ll be the first to say there were guys that were more talented and more dedicated that got screwed on this whole deal worse than me.

If everything actually came out and all the dopers of that era were outed, I’m thinking there’d be a pretty small peloton remaining. And yeah, I am talking about US racing.

Here’s hoping that today leads to a better tomorrow for sport as a whole and our kids won’t have the same choices laid out before them.

That’s all I can muster from DIA.

Just for anyone who says there’s no proof:


I’m not going to have time to post in the morning as I have to hit out pretty early, so here ya go. Not a ton to report up in here. Another lovely Colorado fall day. Drove a boatload with more on tap tomorrow. I did manage to get a run in again.

Trail running is so much better than running on roads. Not sure why it doesn’t work that way on bikes. hahaha.

Anyway, this trip has been mighty quick. I’ll be home tomorrow night, which is nice. It probably hasn’t gone as quickly on Kelly’s end, but it’s gotta be better than the week or longer trips. And yes, I know a lot of people travel more than I!

Stoked to get home and see my girls all the same.

Got asked if my middle name is really “Turbo” today, so that was pretty awesome.

One Day Closer

So, in my last post, I neglected to mention the ‘burban breaking down on Sunday night. It did. We were pretty certain, based on hearing about it from various people, that it was just a computer chip. That was’t it and it’s going to cost us almost a grand. I am not one to pour my financial woes unto the world, but I will say “ouch”, and “time for Dad to bring home the proverbial bacon because real bacon is too expensive”.

As of this moment, we’re still planning to go to CA Thursday though. Can’t let money get in the way of a good time, right?

Anyway, I’m in Colorado Springs this morning. Heading back up to Denver/Golden area for a few hours, them back here to see a few more shops and spend the night here again and then up to Boulder on Wed morning. Just the way things worked out.

Managed to get in a run yesterday late afternoon. I thought I’d be sore as I haven’t run in months, but no probs so far. Maybe I’ll try it again tonight.

Alright, better hit the road.

Here I am…

No, not “rock you like a hurricane”, but at the Provo airport. Apparently, they are going to stop running this flight at the end of the year. Such a drag-ola. Not driving to SLC saves me a good hour and a half each way. Not sure why they are canceling as the flight is full up every time I go.

This trip is a little underplanned as I still have no idea where I am staying tonight. I really try to save money by staying with people, but I don’t have that many friends in CO yet and I try not to hit up the same people too often. 

I can pretty much guarantee I will wake up at some point this week going “wait, where am I?”. Such a weird feeling.

Alright, I’ll keep it short. Don’t fret, I will keep you posted from the road.

Blog Post

Sorry that’s as creative as I can get right now.

I was up at 4:30 again. Piper had to pee and then that was all she wrote for me. Strange, as I’d probably sleep fine without the interruption. I think I’ll keep her all the same.

Anyway, it’s been an interesting week. I’ve actually ridden everyday this week…two tandem rides with two different kids, two road rides and one cross race. Unfortunately, any fitness I am building up will be bled out over the course of next week as I fly to Colorado on Monday bikeless. I’ll get home Wed night and then we’re off for a quick trip to CA for the kids’ fall break. Long drive, but worth it.

Kind of a crazy time for me to take a vacation as this is when I do the bulk of my business for the year. It’s only a few days though, and I’m mostly on track. It’s kind of a funny time as a rep as you feel like a rock star writing fat orders near daily… then you realize you won’t get paid on them until spring!

Anyway, maybe I”ll update the look of the site now while I’m still waiting for the rest of the house to wake up!

Pee Town Number Dos

So, we got out to the big P Town Cross race again last night. A lot more people came out than the previous week, which was good to see.

This week Haley and Morgan raced and we were lucky enough to have Kelly’s folks come out so Kelly and I could rally as well. Having the girls race presented some challenges timing wise, so we weren’t able to preview the course, which would probably be a benefit. On the other hand, seeing them race is always entertaining. The course wasn’t super well marked for the kids, so that made for some funny moments as they kinda plowed their own course.

Kelly was a little nervous as they had everyone on the course at once and it definitely gets a little tight and technical and she didn’t want to slow anyone down. I think it went okay. Her dad got a great shot of her crashing, so hopefully we can post that soon!

From my perspective, I went a bit better than last week. I did change out of road shoes, but I don’t know that it helped as my cleat came loose so I was basically walking the barrier section the last 6 laps. Nobody’s fault but my own there. Luckily there was only one section of barriers this week. Otherwise, I probably would have lost my cleat. Otherwise, I was making progress, so the way I see it I should be winning cross worlds pretty soon.

When we got home and got the kids to bed, all we wanted to do was sit around and watch Hulu, but our internet was sucking AGAIN. I had a not very fun evening deal with my friends at Qwest. I spent way too much time on two different phone lines and via chat with them. Not totally pleased with the outcome (or I probably wouldn’t include this…), but some progress was made. Going to call ANOTHER  help line today while I am driving around and see if they’ll cut us a break on our bill since we’re not getting what we’ve paid for.

Up Early

Not sleeping well lately. Just a lot on my mind. Piper had to pee around 4:30 and that was it for me for the night. I’m sure I’ll be paying for it later.

Trying to work out my travel schedule. It’s a really busy time for work right now and the girls have their fall break a week from Thur to the following Mon. We need to get out and do something during that time, so I think my best bet is to fly to CO M-W and be home (and by home, I mean on the road, with them) for their break. I could go the following Tuesday, but that would mean getting back from a family trip to and leaving solo the next day. Somehow it sounds easier the other way around. Anyway, if I fly I probably have to drive again in early November…None of this matters much to you, I imagine, but I’m just trying to get my ducks in a row or whatever.

Spent most of this past weekend on yard work or churching it up. Today I have to get the safety and emission done on the wagon. Fingers crossed. I’ve been riding a bit, but not consistently enough to build any kind of fitness. And from the paragraph above, I wouldn’t say things are looking great there in the short term. I’ll keep trying though!

Anyway, probably time to get this day cracking.