Up Early

Not sleeping well lately. Just a lot on my mind. Piper had to pee around 4:30 and that was it for me for the night. I’m sure I’ll be paying for it later.

Trying to work out my travel schedule. It’s a really busy time for work right now and the girls have their fall break a week from Thur to the following Mon. We need to get out and do something during that time, so I think my best bet is to fly to CO M-W and be home (and by home, I mean on the road, with them) for their break. I could go the following Tuesday, but that would mean getting back from a family trip to and leaving solo the next day. Somehow it sounds easier the other way around. Anyway, if I fly I probably have to drive again in early November…None of this matters much to you, I imagine, but I’m just trying to get my ducks in a row or whatever.

Spent most of this past weekend on yard work or churching it up. Today I have to get the safety and emission done on the wagon. Fingers crossed. I’ve been riding a bit, but not consistently enough to build any kind of fitness. And from the paragraph above, I wouldn’t say things are looking great there in the short term. I’ll keep trying though!

Anyway, probably time to get this day cracking.

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