Pee Town Number Dos

So, we got out to the big P Town Cross race again last night. A lot more people came out than the previous week, which was good to see.

This week Haley and Morgan raced and we were lucky enough to have Kelly’s folks come out so Kelly and I could rally as well. Having the girls race presented some challenges timing wise, so we weren’t able to preview the course, which would probably be a benefit. On the other hand, seeing them race is always entertaining. The course wasn’t super well marked for the kids, so that made for some funny moments as they kinda plowed their own course.

Kelly was a little nervous as they had everyone on the course at once and it definitely gets a little tight and technical and she didn’t want to slow anyone down. I think it went okay. Her dad got a great shot of her crashing, so hopefully we can post that soon!

From my perspective, I went a bit better than last week. I did change out of road shoes, but I don’t know that it helped as my cleat came loose so I was basically walking the barrier section the last 6 laps. Nobody’s fault but my own there. Luckily there was only one section of barriers this week. Otherwise, I probably would have lost my cleat. Otherwise, I was making progress, so the way I see it I should be winning cross worlds pretty soon.

When we got home and got the kids to bed, all we wanted to do was sit around and watch Hulu, but our internet was sucking AGAIN. I had a not very fun evening deal with my friends at Qwest. I spent way too much time on two different phone lines and via chat with them. Not totally pleased with the outcome (or I probably wouldn’t include this…), but some progress was made. Going to call ANOTHER  help line today while I am driving around and see if they’ll cut us a break on our bill since we’re not getting what we’ve paid for.


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