One Day Closer

So, in my last post, I neglected to mention the ‘burban breaking down on Sunday night. It did. We were pretty certain, based on hearing about it from various people, that it was just a computer chip. That was’t it and it’s going to cost us almost a grand. I am not one to pour my financial woes unto the world, but I will say “ouch”, and “time for Dad to bring home the proverbial bacon because real bacon is too expensive”.

As of this moment, we’re still planning to go to CA Thursday though. Can’t let money get in the way of a good time, right?

Anyway, I’m in Colorado Springs this morning. Heading back up to Denver/Golden area for a few hours, them back here to see a few more shops and spend the night here again and then up to Boulder on Wed morning. Just the way things worked out.

Managed to get in a run yesterday late afternoon. I thought I’d be sore as I haven’t run in months, but no probs so far. Maybe I’ll try it again tonight.

Alright, better hit the road.


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