I’m going to keep this short. Almost all of Lance’s American teammates have now come forward and admitted that there was a structured doping program in the team and they took part. Of course, the Lance camp is still saying “blah, blah, never failed a test, blah….”

Anyway, almost 10 years on and it still bums me out.

I’ll be the first to say there were guys that were more talented and more dedicated that got screwed on this whole deal worse than me.

If everything actually came out and all the dopers of that era were outed, I’m thinking there’d be a pretty small peloton remaining. And yeah, I am talking about US racing.

Here’s hoping that today leads to a better tomorrow for sport as a whole and our kids won’t have the same choices laid out before them.

That’s all I can muster from DIA.

Just for anyone who says there’s no proof:


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