So yeah, not so good on updating unless I am on the road and alone, I guess.

Anyway, it’s been a nice week. The weather is crazy here. Low 60’s in Northern Utah and we’re basically in December? Some guys rode the Alpine Loop at night last night. I never thought I’d say this, but with basically no winter last year, I am ready for some snow.

That said, it has made cycling rather more enjoyable and I’ve been getting out with my pal Tyson nearly every day this week. And it is nice to ride sans gloves/booties this time of year!

I’m sure we’ll get hammered and I’ll regret feeling this way by April anyway.

I’ve managed to lose 3lbs (and counting) this week. I had a couple weeks without much exercise and with much eating, so I am trying to reverse that trend. Can’t be getting TOO soft, eh.

In other news, tomorrow is my Rory’s 1st birthday! Such a special girl…You know, I hear people say that “Mormons have too many kids” all the time, but I still wouldn’t get rid of any of mine!


I was doing so well…

…with posting.

So, we ended up leaving for Sedona on Sunday. Pretty sure it was the right choice, but I guess we’ll see if everyone else gets sick before making a definitive answer on that. Little Pipes was pretty under the weather the first few days here. She’s pretty clingy with me normally, but the illness pretty well attached her to me, permanently.

We were talking about taking her to a doctor down here when her fever finally broke. Poor thing. She’s coming back strong now. Strong like bull.

Anyway…Sedona. I don’t remember it ever being so warm for Thanksgiving down here. It’s been mid-70’s, which is pretty fantastic. We’ve had a great time. The girls had so much fun playing with their cousins. I wish we could spend more time together, but being spread across the country makes it difficult.

I could easily have ridden bikes an awful lot on this trip, but could only squeeze in a couple brief rides. Such is life with 4 little kids, but it’s kinda funny as someone commented on a fb pic the other day about how much riding I do. I would guess I’ve probably averaged 5 hours/week this year. Which I’m sure is a lot to some people! Anyway, I’m not complaining, quite content at the moment, just funny.

I only see my sister once a year, so this trip is pretty important to me. Having missed last year, it’s amazing to see how much her kids have grown up. You see pics and hear stories, but it’s not the same.

Anyway, one more day in the sun and the we’re off to Provo. I guess it’s been unseasonably warm there too, so not so bad to go home to!

Oh, drat.

Missed a day. I was on a roll too.

Also, our family trip to Sedona had to be pushed back a day (fingers crossed that it’s just one) as Piper came down with the death cold. Such a drag. She was absolutely miserable last night and we got pretty much no sleep though, so I think it was a good call.

She seems to have progressed a touch, so hopefully we can hit out nice and early tomorrow. Don’t want to miss out!.

It’s rainy here too. Not leaving, no sleep and the weather are making my sad hurt. Or my SAD.

Anyway, got back from CO in the afternoon yesterday and despite all my above woes, I am so glad to be back with the girls. Don’t know how Kelly made it through a week with sickies alone. She’s a stronger man than I. Wait, that came out wrong.

The drive yesterday was easy enough. I had a bunch of work calls to make and I tried doing it while losing signals all over the place and blasting across the desert at 80mph, but it wasn’t ideal, so I held out until I got home. I wouldn’t say I crushed it, but the trip was solid from a bidness perspective. 

Anyway, with any luck my next report is from sunny Sedona!


I’m back at my favorite motel in all of Grand Junction. Mostly because it is the cheapest, $35/night. Almost back to Circus Circus levels.

As a creature of habit, I once again walked to the Denny’s for dinner. $8 with a tip. That is cheaper than fast food. And also, I just can’t stomach getting back into the car to go find dinner and I was too lazy to walk any longer.

Okay, okay (okay)… I got ahead of myself. Begin at the beginning. Started my day off in Boulder. I was a little nervy as it was flurrying, but once I got up in the mtns, it was clear. Made it to Glenwood Springs by like 10:00 or something. Saw my one shop there for a couple minutes and then headed up the canyon to Aspen. Crazy, it was over 45 degrees in Aspen. That is pretty weird at 8000′.

I figured they’d be skiing, but there was barely any snow on the hill. I guess they are supposed to have a World Cup next week. Better get the blowers blowing, eh.

Anyway, saw a few shops there, and down the hill in Carbondale and then hit the road again. Made it to Grand Junction in time to squeeze in a quick ride in the last bits of daylight. It was tempting to just drive through and go home, but I need to see one shop here tomorrow morning. Anyway (again), had one of those superbe, life affirming rides. I don’t know why, but I was super stoked to be on my bike. Moreso than usual.

There’s kind of a stigma among bike reps about riding too much. I can see how with determining your own schedule, one could go overboard, but on the other hand if you sell bikes and you don’t ride at all, you’re definitely doing it wrong.

So yeah, just hanging out in the motel this eve. Trying to do some follow-up from the week. My brain is a little fried, so hopefully I can put together some coherent thoughts!


Today started out a little rough. Kinda tough to explain, but just a little something to make my job harder. So it goes. Work harder then, right.

I was frustrated so I took a little lunch ride. First time I’ve ridden in a week. Went up Flagstaff for the first time. It was cool to see all the graffiti on the road from the USA Pro Cycling Challenge International Invitation Tour of Colorado or whatever it’s called. Sorry, that’s my Tour of Utah bia showing through.

I spent last night (and tonight) with an old racing buddy and his family in the People’s Republic of Boulder. This place is hilarious. I am sure they would say the same about Provo. Who wouldn’t? Anyway, I went to the Whole Foods, or Whole Paycheck as I like to call it. Seriously, the busiest grocery I’ve ever been in…and it totally encapsulates everything about Boulder into one business. Pretty funny.

Anyway, today was blah blah bike shops blah. Ft. Collins, Loveland, Boulder. Tomorrow, I’m back into the mountains… Aspen, “where women flock the salmon of Capistrano”.

Kelly is struggling with a sick Rory at home. 

Anyway, I’m pretty wiped out and I still have some follow-up work to do.

Hasta manana, amigos.




Yes, I am. Thanks for asking.

Funny story (to me anyway)… I heard a skateboard outside last night on the sidewalk. It stopped suddenly and the first thought in my head was “they’re stealing my bike”. It was locked in the car, so not really likely, but I ran up the stairs… from the basement… and outside… at 2am the same. I’m sure they (my gracious hosts) think I am crazy. Probably right.

Also, interesting that I assume skateboarders are out looking for cars to break into at 2am. Skateboarding is NOT a crime, man. Stealing bikes is though.

Anyway, long day today. I thought about it and on these trips I am trying to squeeze in what I do in 3 work weeks in Utah into 1 week. More actually as there’s way more shops here. I got some good comments from dealers today “I gotta buy something from you as hard as you are working”… Along those lines from two different shops. Damn straight. Can’t stop, won’t stop. Mouths to feed.

I know some of you are laughing… “your job is hanging out in bike shops, dude”. Truth.

Back on the home front, our little Rory is coming down with the cold from hell. I REALLY hope that the magic of breast milk can help her recover quickly. And I really, really, really hope Pip and Kelly can avoid it. Seems really hard when the rest of us get it though. I will give it up, Kelly has a truly superior immune system, so maybe there’s a chance.

Alright, gotta hit it. Tomorrow’s another big day in the life.

Provo to Colorado Springs

I drove that today.

It was cold as when I left. At the base of Spanish Fork Cyn (the windtunnel), the wind was howling and blowing snow all over the road. I thought the drive may be epic, but that (15 min from home) was as bad as it got.

I saw a low -1 at the top of Soldier Summit. That’s really cold.

Had a stop in Grand Junction and saw a couple shops. Had to run to MACdonald’s to use their internet to enter an order (yes! good start!) and back on the road. Stopped again in Glenwood Springs and then onto to the D. “The D” is for the Denver, not Detroit. Don’t get it twisted.

I figured the storm we had just plowed right through Colorado, but even at Vail, they only got a couple inches out of it. A bit of a contrast to Little Cottonwood Canyon, where they called it 50″. That’s a solid early season storm!

So the roads were in pretty good shape, with just a wee bit of run-off.

From “The D”, it was down to Colorado Springs. We have some family that I stay with here. So lucky for that. They were going out to dinner and the timing was just about perfect, for me to meet up with them.

I’m pretty worked, but no rest for the wicked, eh. Big day on tap again tomorrow.

I Forgot to Mention…

the illness.

I had a really bad cold. Still getting over the lingering effects. Morgan got it and had to miss a couple days of school last week with a fever and super bad cough. One night she scared us to death as she couldn’t breathe with all the stuff in her throat. I actually had her loaded into the car and on the way to the ER when she coughed it up and was like “I’m okay now”.

I wasn’t thinking about it with my post yesterday as it seemed she was getting better. Well, after a day of snowplay, Haley came down with a fever and had basically lost her voice. This after feeling fine all morning.

This makes me really nervous for the upcoming trips. After Kelly spending our entire trip to CA in the hospital with Rory’s RSV last winter, the idea of being on the road and one of the wee ones getting sick scares the crap out of me.

And with my trip to CO this week…I just hate leaving Kelly with sickies. It’s hard enough with the two of us taking turns getting up at night.

Anyway, just keeping you in the loop. Fingers crossed.

Me Again…Again

Hmmm, so that whole getting fit thing…I killed that by pretty much not riding this week. It was beautiful, low 70’s all week… just got busy. There’s about 10″ or a foot of snow on the ground now, so it’s probably a good day to start over, “Rocky IV” style. Of course, I’ll be in CO all next week and AZ the week after, so maybe I should just wait until December.

I kid, but I really don’t like the feeling of getting out of shape. I get bummed on it and want to eat crap (not literally). The glut of halloween candy is probably not helping.

I pretty much decided to do a post because someone referenced the straight outta provo dot blogspot dot com, which never existed as such. It was always here, except when I first started doing it on the Utah Cycling site. That’s a pretty long run for a blog.

Anyway, don’t want this to be a downer… Mostly everything is coming along swimmingly. Should have more updates this week as I’ll be on the road (again). I’ll then be home for a night and then we leave for Sedona for Thanksgiving. Super excited for that trip after missing out last year!

Me Again…

Remember me? I have no idea where I left off, but I’m pretty sure I did the last (hopefully not ever) Provo Cross race. It went a lot better for whatever reason. Enough so, that I’m bummed it’s over. Maybe I will squeeze in another race or two this year, but you just can’t beat doing it weekly.

That said, and as many of my FB friends (and who isn’t my FB friend, really?) have noted, I have been riding more. Or at least taking more pictures. I wasn’t going to say anything, but with all the doping truths being revealed, I decided it was time for me to try racing pro again.

Not really, but I am having fun getting a bit of fitness back. Odd since I probably won’t race again until April. It’s mostly just that my sales season is winding down though I still have a number of irons in the fire. 

What else? We had a great Halloween. Per tradition, I took the kids out and Kelly answered the door. It’s not so crazy in our neighborhood, so she got to chill a bit, I’m guessing. I had all 4 girls. Rory in the stroller, as she can’t walk yet. She actually fell asleep at some point. Piper did great trying to hang with the big girls. Haley and Morgs wait for no one and little Pip was right there behind them. She finally cracked with about 20 minutes to go and rode in the carriage underneath the stroller, but that was after over an hour of high paced candy hunting, so not bad for a two year old.

The Saturday before we had a warm-up for Halloween, doing a Trunk or Treat at our church. So that was good practice. I always had a bad feeling for Trunk or Treats or “mall trick or treating” as I like the idea or roaming the neighborhood demanding candy. And that you have to walk. You should get some exercise in before you eat a bunch of sweets, I figger. That said, we’ve gone the last two years and it’s good fun.

Also, Kelly’s bro’s birthday was yesterday and we’re celebrating at their house on Sunday and I guess the kids are dressing up again, so their costumes are seeing some good use. That’s nice, I’d hate to see them get worn once and discarded like a wedding dress or something.

I’ve always found wedding dresses odd because of that. It seems like you could rent them or something. I realize that probably wouldn’t go over to well with most brides, but it just something that has always been odd to me. I tend to wear everything I own until it’s worn out, which never takes long!

Guess that was a bit of a tangent.

Anyway, long time, will try to post with greater frequency.

Over and out.