Me Again…

Remember me? I have no idea where I left off, but I’m pretty sure I did the last (hopefully not ever) Provo Cross race. It went a lot better for whatever reason. Enough so, that I’m bummed it’s over. Maybe I will squeeze in another race or two this year, but you just can’t beat doing it weekly.

That said, and as many of my FB friends (and who isn’t my FB friend, really?) have noted, I have been riding more. Or at least taking more pictures. I wasn’t going to say anything, but with all the doping truths being revealed, I decided it was time for me to try racing pro again.

Not really, but I am having fun getting a bit of fitness back. Odd since I probably won’t race again until April. It’s mostly just that my sales season is winding down though I still have a number of irons in the fire. 

What else? We had a great Halloween. Per tradition, I took the kids out and Kelly answered the door. It’s not so crazy in our neighborhood, so she got to chill a bit, I’m guessing. I had all 4 girls. Rory in the stroller, as she can’t walk yet. She actually fell asleep at some point. Piper did great trying to hang with the big girls. Haley and Morgs wait for no one and little Pip was right there behind them. She finally cracked with about 20 minutes to go and rode in the carriage underneath the stroller, but that was after over an hour of high paced candy hunting, so not bad for a two year old.

The Saturday before we had a warm-up for Halloween, doing a Trunk or Treat at our church. So that was good practice. I always had a bad feeling for Trunk or Treats or “mall trick or treating” as I like the idea or roaming the neighborhood demanding candy. And that you have to walk. You should get some exercise in before you eat a bunch of sweets, I figger. That said, we’ve gone the last two years and it’s good fun.

Also, Kelly’s bro’s birthday was yesterday and we’re celebrating at their house on Sunday and I guess the kids are dressing up again, so their costumes are seeing some good use. That’s nice, I’d hate to see them get worn once and discarded like a wedding dress or something.

I’ve always found wedding dresses odd because of that. It seems like you could rent them or something. I realize that probably wouldn’t go over to well with most brides, but it just something that has always been odd to me. I tend to wear everything I own until it’s worn out, which never takes long!

Guess that was a bit of a tangent.

Anyway, long time, will try to post with greater frequency.

Over and out.


2 thoughts on “Me Again…

  1. I witnessed a new (to me) Halloween phenomenon this year: Family’s just leaving buckets of candy out for kids. When its gone, its gone….that way they go with their kids and everyone monitors other’s candy taking…..

    Florida. We do things differently.

  2. Yeah, that’s not new. I have a plan to one day leave the bucket out with a “Please Take One” note and hide in the bushes with a hose. If someone takes more than one, they get the hose. I’ve been plotting this since I was a kit though, so odds are I’ll never go through with it.

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