Me Again…Again

Hmmm, so that whole getting fit thing…I killed that by pretty much not riding this week. It was beautiful, low 70’s all week… just got busy. There’s about 10″ or a foot of snow on the ground now, so it’s probably a good day to start over, “Rocky IV” style. Of course, I’ll be in CO all next week and AZ the week after, so maybe I should just wait until December.

I kid, but I really don’t like the feeling of getting out of shape. I get bummed on it and want to eat crap (not literally). The glut of halloween candy is probably not helping.

I pretty much decided to do a post because someone referenced the straight outta provo dot blogspot dot com, which never existed as such. It was always here, except when I first started doing it on the Utah Cycling site. That’s a pretty long run for a blog.

Anyway, don’t want this to be a downer… Mostly everything is coming along swimmingly. Should have more updates this week as I’ll be on the road (again). I’ll then be home for a night and then we leave for Sedona for Thanksgiving. Super excited for that trip after missing out last year!

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