I Forgot to Mention…

the illness.

I had a really bad cold. Still getting over the lingering effects. Morgan got it and had to miss a couple days of school last week with a fever and super bad cough. One night she scared us to death as she couldn’t breathe with all the stuff in her throat. I actually had her loaded into the car and on the way to the ER when she coughed it up and was like “I’m okay now”.

I wasn’t thinking about it with my post yesterday as it seemed she was getting better. Well, after a day of snowplay, Haley came down with a fever and had basically lost her voice. This after feeling fine all morning.

This makes me really nervous for the upcoming trips. After Kelly spending our entire trip to CA in the hospital with Rory’s RSV last winter, the idea of being on the road and one of the wee ones getting sick scares the crap out of me.

And with my trip to CO this week…I just hate leaving Kelly with sickies. It’s hard enough with the two of us taking turns getting up at night.

Anyway, just keeping you in the loop. Fingers crossed.


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