Provo to Colorado Springs

I drove that today.

It was cold as when I left. At the base of Spanish Fork Cyn (the windtunnel), the wind was howling and blowing snow all over the road. I thought the drive may be epic, but that (15 min from home) was as bad as it got.

I saw a low -1 at the top of Soldier Summit. That’s really cold.

Had a stop in Grand Junction and saw a couple shops. Had to run to MACdonald’s to use their internet to enter an order (yes! good start!) and back on the road. Stopped again in Glenwood Springs and then onto to the D. “The D” is for the Denver, not Detroit. Don’t get it twisted.

I figured the storm we had just plowed right through Colorado, but even at Vail, they only got a couple inches out of it. A bit of a contrast to Little Cottonwood Canyon, where they called it 50″. That’s a solid early season storm!

So the roads were in pretty good shape, with just a wee bit of run-off.

From “The D”, it was down to Colorado Springs. We have some family that I stay with here. So lucky for that. They were going out to dinner and the timing was just about perfect, for me to meet up with them.

I’m pretty worked, but no rest for the wicked, eh. Big day on tap again tomorrow.

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