Yes, I am. Thanks for asking.

Funny story (to me anyway)… I heard a skateboard outside last night on the sidewalk. It stopped suddenly and the first thought in my head was “they’re stealing my bike”. It was locked in the car, so not really likely, but I ran up the stairs… from the basement… and outside… at 2am the same. I’m sure they (my gracious hosts) think I am crazy. Probably right.

Also, interesting that I assume skateboarders are out looking for cars to break into at 2am. Skateboarding is NOT a crime, man. Stealing bikes is though.

Anyway, long day today. I thought about it and on these trips I am trying to squeeze in what I do in 3 work weeks in Utah into 1 week. More actually as there’s way more shops here. I got some good comments from dealers today “I gotta buy something from you as hard as you are working”… Along those lines from two different shops. Damn straight. Can’t stop, won’t stop. Mouths to feed.

I know some of you are laughing… “your job is hanging out in bike shops, dude”. Truth.

Back on the home front, our little Rory is coming down with the cold from hell. I REALLY hope that the magic of breast milk can help her recover quickly. And I really, really, really hope Pip and Kelly can avoid it. Seems really hard when the rest of us get it though. I will give it up, Kelly has a truly superior immune system, so maybe there’s a chance.

Alright, gotta hit it. Tomorrow’s another big day in the life.


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