Today started out a little rough. Kinda tough to explain, but just a little something to make my job harder. So it goes. Work harder then, right.

I was frustrated so I took a little lunch ride. First time I’ve ridden in a week. Went up Flagstaff for the first time. It was cool to see all the graffiti on the road from the USA Pro Cycling Challenge International Invitation Tour of Colorado or whatever it’s called. Sorry, that’s my Tour of Utah bia showing through.

I spent last night (and tonight) with an old racing buddy and his family in the People’s Republic of Boulder. This place is hilarious. I am sure they would say the same about Provo. Who wouldn’t? Anyway, I went to the Whole Foods, or Whole Paycheck as I like to call it. Seriously, the busiest grocery I’ve ever been in…and it totally encapsulates everything about Boulder into one business. Pretty funny.

Anyway, today was blah blah bike shops blah. Ft. Collins, Loveland, Boulder. Tomorrow, I’m back into the mountains… Aspen, “where women flock the salmon of Capistrano”.

Kelly is struggling with a sick Rory at home. 

Anyway, I’m pretty wiped out and I still have some follow-up work to do.

Hasta manana, amigos.




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