I’m back at my favorite motel in all of Grand Junction. Mostly because it is the cheapest, $35/night. Almost back to Circus Circus levels.

As a creature of habit, I once again walked to the Denny’s for dinner. $8 with a tip. That is cheaper than fast food. And also, I just can’t stomach getting back into the car to go find dinner and I was too lazy to walk any longer.

Okay, okay (okay)… I got ahead of myself. Begin at the beginning. Started my day off in Boulder. I was a little nervy as it was flurrying, but once I got up in the mtns, it was clear. Made it to Glenwood Springs by like 10:00 or something. Saw my one shop there for a couple minutes and then headed up the canyon to Aspen. Crazy, it was over 45 degrees in Aspen. That is pretty weird at 8000′.

I figured they’d be skiing, but there was barely any snow on the hill. I guess they are supposed to have a World Cup next week. Better get the blowers blowing, eh.

Anyway, saw a few shops there, and down the hill in Carbondale and then hit the road again. Made it to Grand Junction in time to squeeze in a quick ride in the last bits of daylight. It was tempting to just drive through and go home, but I need to see one shop here tomorrow morning. Anyway (again), had one of those superbe, life affirming rides. I don’t know why, but I was super stoked to be on my bike. Moreso than usual.

There’s kind of a stigma among bike reps about riding too much. I can see how with determining your own schedule, one could go overboard, but on the other hand if you sell bikes and you don’t ride at all, you’re definitely doing it wrong.

So yeah, just hanging out in the motel this eve. Trying to do some follow-up from the week. My brain is a little fried, so hopefully I can put together some coherent thoughts!


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