Oh, drat.

Missed a day. I was on a roll too.

Also, our family trip to Sedona had to be pushed back a day (fingers crossed that it’s just one) as Piper came down with the death cold. Such a drag. She was absolutely miserable last night and we got pretty much no sleep though, so I think it was a good call.

She seems to have progressed a touch, so hopefully we can hit out nice and early tomorrow. Don’t want to miss out!.

It’s rainy here too. Not leaving, no sleep and the weather are making my sad hurt. Or my SAD.

Anyway, got back from CO in the afternoon yesterday and despite all my above woes, I am so glad to be back with the girls. Don’t know how Kelly made it through a week with sickies alone. She’s a stronger man than I. Wait, that came out wrong.

The drive yesterday was easy enough. I had a bunch of work calls to make and I tried doing it while losing signals all over the place and blasting across the desert at 80mph, but it wasn’t ideal, so I held out until I got home. I wouldn’t say I crushed it, but the trip was solid from a bidness perspective. 

Anyway, with any luck my next report is from sunny Sedona!


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