So yeah, not so good on updating unless I am on the road and alone, I guess.

Anyway, it’s been a nice week. The weather is crazy here. Low 60’s in Northern Utah and we’re basically in December? Some guys rode the Alpine Loop at night last night. I never thought I’d say this, but with basically no winter last year, I am ready for some snow.

That said, it has made cycling rather more enjoyable and I’ve been getting out with my pal Tyson nearly every day this week. And it is nice to ride sans gloves/booties this time of year!

I’m sure we’ll get hammered and I’ll regret feeling this way by April anyway.

I’ve managed to lose 3lbs (and counting) this week. I had a couple weeks without much exercise and with much eating, so I am trying to reverse that trend. Can’t be getting TOO soft, eh.

In other news, tomorrow is my Rory’s 1st birthday! Such a special girl…You know, I hear people say that “Mormons have too many kids” all the time, but I still wouldn’t get rid of any of mine!


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