CA…ain’t happenin’ right now.

Sad to say, but yeah.

At this point, the whole family has been taken out the stomach bug Piper had. Except for Rory and I. Must hold on.

Our latest plan had been to leave today, go to St. George and spend the night there before meeting Kelly’s family in the desert for camping on New Year’s. At 4:45am, Morgan launched, putting paid to that plan. The best part of waking up?

Haley was still okay, so to offset the suckitude of missing out on camping, the beach, et al, I took her skiing today. I know, bad Mormon. Side note- she was killing it!! Anyway, while we were gone, things got ugly for Kelly. No barfies (yet), but to that point where it might have been better to go ahead and do it.

Haley said she didn’t feel great this evening and I suggested she sleep on the floor. She said she was okay and like two minutes later went full on Linda Blair all over her bed. Not pleasant.

So now, I am super nervous for Rory…there’s nothing worse than a sick baby. They don’t know what the hell hit them. Of course, I’d rather not harf either. The only positive is that it seems pretty short lived. Wish me luck!

PS- Remember 5 years ago when I said the Flu Shot is the World’s Biggest Scam? Of course you do. Anyway, I was right.


Antibiotics, Sick Kids, Snowmageddon and We’re Not in CA (yet?!?)…

I could save the trouble and just post that and let you figure it out.

Since I last left off, I went to the doc on Xmas eve. As you can imagine, it sucked. But the antibiotics are doing the trick. When you know exactly what’s wrong with you, they should just let the receptionist write the prescription. Or just email it to me. Would save so much time.

Christmas proper was fantastic. I am not that guy that is going to write a sappy post about how great his wife is, but seriously, these kids got it good!  Yes, it was a white Christmas too.

We were planning to use Wednesday to take down the decorations and pack for our trip to CA on Thurs (today), but Piper went ahead and barfed and that put the brakes on that plan for the moment. A bust as we were due to go camping in Anza Borrego, where we’ve not been in years and one of my favorite places… On the other hand, camping with barfy kids is even less appealing, so here we are. 

Maybe it’s good we weren’t on the road this morning as we got a ton of snow yesterday and at least a metric ton more last night. This is maybe the most snow I can remember on the ground at once since we moved here.

We thought Piper was all good as she hadn’t harfed in 24 hours, so she had some milk this morning…which promptly made a reappearance. She seems to be on the up now (maybe), but of course, now I worry about everyone else. 

Kelly is taking advantage of all the snow up at Sundance this afternoon and I will take the girls tomorrow. Whether we get to CA or not is up in the air now. I am pretty sure I don’t want to camp at this point, all things considered. We could still go on Tuesday, when everyone (in-laws, I mean) will be back from camping, but technically the girls are supposed to be back in school Thursday. We were going to stretch out the break through the following weekend, but it’s tougher to justify taking the extra days when you’re not already out there… we’ll see.

Anyway, I guess that’s the quick and dirty. Wish us luck!!

Through Fighting

I think I’m going to the doctor today. Yes, on Christmas Eve. As long as I do nothing, I start getting better, but that doesn’t lend itself to my lifestyle very well and as soon as I have some fun, my throat swells up again. And it’s been over a month of this, so you can’t say I didn’t try. Kelly had a ear, throat infection and I am guessing I have the same. Rory had pink eye, for the record.

I would consider just resting more as I’m not in agony, but we have a trip to CA in a few days and I don’t want to be sick for the trip. Probably need to take Haley and Morg in too as they are coughing really bad again. Maybe wait until Wed on them as they don’t have the other symptoms that I have. Maybe not. We’ll see how they are this morning.

Anyway, don’t get the wrong idea. It’s not ruining Christmas or anything! Super duper stoked over here.

Ski Days 1 and 2

So, we finally got some snow going. It was dumping most of Monday and Tuesday and it’s been arctic-cold since, so we have a 4 or 5″ of snow still on the ground. I went skiing for the first time this year on Tuesday. Got to try out the new lift at Sundance, which is super nice, straight from the upper lot. The conditions were quite nice that day too. I wasn’t skiing so bad, but I could tell I was 8 months out of skiing shape. Hurting unit.

I surprised the girls with new skis this morning. Happy early Christmas. They have never had their own skis or passes before, so it’s awfully nice to go straight to the lift, rather than rentals, days passes, etc. They were pretty stoked, so we went up today, despite it being cold as. It was  9 degrees when we got up there, but it was sunny and the girls didn’t complain. We had a great time. Morg was a little tentative (and by a little, I mean extraordinarily) the first run, but then she found her groove. Haley was her usual self- no warm up necessary. We all had a crash or two, yes, even me…cruising along behind Morgan and just caught an edge.  Ahhhh, good times.

I think Kelly’s going to to take them tomorrow as well, so we’re getting our money’s worth out of the passes.

On that note, yes, we got a smoking deal on both the passes and the skis. I am not so much a baller, but I do know how to score deals. 

Lots more I could say, but it’s dinner time and I’m hungry.

School Shootings

So I am trying to wrap my head around the CT school shootings. I realize an event like this affects everyone, but If you know me, you know I am a really sensitive guy, so I think maybe me moreso than other people who weren’t directly affected.

Or maybe that’s a bad way of putting it…I’m sure this weighs heavily on everyone and I’m not special and it’s not about me.

Anyway, the point is it’s pretty much all I could think of yesterday and while everyone was saying “go hug your kids” (and I am very huggy with them normally), I was kinda disconnected for most of the afternoon. Like I was in a fog trying to make sense of it, which obviously won’t happen.

It’s definitely not about gun control or prayer in school for me…A friend on Facebook pointed out that maybe it’s not just about hugging your kids, but showing respect and love for everyone. A small act may prevent a tragedy.

So I guess that’s my goal going forward…show a little more kindness to everyone.

Me again. Again.

On fire.

So, anyway…Kelly went to the doc and he took half a look at her and was like “yeah, you’re all infected” (lungs, lymphs, ears) and hooked her up with some amoxicillin.

Now, my concern is that we all have the same thing. Haley woke up with an earache last night and had major coughing fits, but then went back to sleep and seemed fine this morning. I don’t feel that bad, but I don’t feel like I’m making any progress either.

I did go for a ride yesterday and I was fine as long as it was flat. When I hit a climb, I could tell my lungs weren’t right.

We’ve been really lucky to have all this when I have a pretty relaxed period for work. Today I have a bit of running around to do, but nothing too crazy. Looks like things will be full stop crazy again as soon as the new year begins!

Look at me

If I’m going to have a weblog, I should keep it up to date-ish.

So, Kelly’s at the doc now. We’ll see what comes of it. I still feel pretty much not great, but definitely better than Kelly. I even went for a run yesterday. It turns out I’m not very good at running. I even Strava’d it, just so there would be proof of how slow I run.

I would like to try riding today, but we’ll see how the day shakes out. I’ll be sure to Strava it if I do.

I quit using Strava for most of the past year as it never worked on my old phone. It would start okay and then give some crazy straight line back to my house, but with the right time. So, I got a new phone and I’m back on board. No, I did not get a new phone for Strava, but I do like having it. I don’t like anything on my bars, but I like knowing how far I rode and I always take my phone with me anyway. It does kill the battery pretty good.

I don’t care about KOM’s. I just don’t.


The Ickness that wouldn’t die…

So remember back when everyone was sick and we went down to Sedona? It was only a couple posts ago since I quit updating…Well, it never really went away. Someone in the house has been sick for over a month straight. I’m pretty over it.

Right now, Kelly seems to be the worst off. I am no picnic either and the wee ones (Piper and Rory for those keeping score) have had some bad nights.

Anyway, I try not to get too whiny about such things as there’s not much you can do about it (besides whining), but I’m just looking forward to everyone being on the up.

Luckily, I’m in kind of a slower period work wise, so I haven’t had to travel or anything. Of course, I was hoping to build some fitness during this period, but you know two steps forward, three steps back or whatever.

Anyway, I don’t want to be a huge complainer. Too late? Oh, okay, I”ll keep going. Just really looking forward to sleeping through the night one day.

On the positive side, I did get my wish and we are finally getting some winter like weather. It pretty well snowed all day yesterday. We only ended up with maybe 4″, but I guess the mountains got some pretty solid dump. 

Sundance is due to open on Friday. Here’s hoping we are on the mend and go partake of it. Not exactly sure how we’ll work it out as someone gets to to go ski with Haley and Morg and someone else gets to stay home with Pip and Ror. I KNOW it’s going to be tough to leave Pipes at home too. That girl does not want to miss out. I’m sure we’ll have her out on skiis by the end of the season. She is definitely our most fearless kid when it comes to sports and activities and she does not like to be left out, EVER. Love that about her.

Alright, I’m out…hope to have a more positive post soon.