Look at me

If I’m going to have a weblog, I should keep it up to date-ish.

So, Kelly’s at the doc now. We’ll see what comes of it. I still feel pretty much not great, but definitely better than Kelly. I even went for a run yesterday. It turns out I’m not very good at running. I even Strava’d it, just so there would be proof of how slow I run.

I would like to try riding today, but we’ll see how the day shakes out. I’ll be sure to Strava it if I do.

I quit using Strava for most of the past year as it never worked on my old phone. It would start okay and then give some crazy straight line back to my house, but with the right time. So, I got a new phone and I’m back on board. No, I did not get a new phone for Strava, but I do like having it. I don’t like anything on my bars, but I like knowing how far I rode and I always take my phone with me anyway. It does kill the battery pretty good.

I don’t care about KOM’s. I just don’t.



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