Me again. Again.

On fire.

So, anyway…Kelly went to the doc and he took half a look at her and was like “yeah, you’re all infected” (lungs, lymphs, ears) and hooked her up with some amoxicillin.

Now, my concern is that we all have the same thing. Haley woke up with an earache last night and had major coughing fits, but then went back to sleep and seemed fine this morning. I don’t feel that bad, but I don’t feel like I’m making any progress either.

I did go for a ride yesterday and I was fine as long as it was flat. When I hit a climb, I could tell my lungs weren’t right.

We’ve been really lucky to have all this when I have a pretty relaxed period for work. Today I have a bit of running around to do, but nothing too crazy. Looks like things will be full stop crazy again as soon as the new year begins!


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